Weird Shoes by Kobi Levi

weirdest shoes ever

Been surfing the internet today when I came across this!! Simply put, the weirdest shoes’ designs you’d ever see anywhere! They were so interesting that I had to collect these weird shoes in one place and show them to you!

And when I say weird shoes, I do not mean it in a positive light such as Alexander McQueen eccentric or weird shoes; but truly weird as in *Freakishly Weird*, as in I doubt anyone -apart from Lady Gaga– would ever wear them!!

Won’t go long talking about weird shoes -this is supposed to be a graphic post-, just enjoy this gallery of Kobi Levi’s weirdest designs; and let me know if you would ever wear any other day than Halloween!?!?

خلال تصفحي للإنترنت اليوم، صادفت هذه الغرابة!! بكل بساطة، أغرب تصاميم لأحذية قد ترونها في أي مكان. أدهشتني هذه التصاميم إلى درجة لم يكن ممكناً معها أن لا اتشارك بها معكم. وعندما أتكلم عن الأحذية الغريبة، لا اتحدث بالمعنى الإيجابي مثل أحذية أليكساندر ماكوين؛ بل أعني أسلوب ليدي غاغا الذي لا يمكن لأي أحد أن يرتديه في الحياة الحقيقية. شاهدي إذاً في هذا العرض هذه الأحذية الغريبة من تصميم كوبي ليفي، وأخبريني إذا كنت تتجرئين على ارتدائها

Glamorously Yours;

4 thoughts on “Weird Shoes by Kobi Levi

    1. I find them a little odd actually, but he is definitely bold & inspired.
      Some of them are more practical than others, but I think they’re more fit to be displayed.
      Which ones would you wear?

      1. odd, yes. more for display than function, I won’t disagree. I find them rather bold and eccentric. if I had to wear a pair, I’d go for the ones that appear to be stuck in gum.

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