Travel With Me

travel with me

I am finally “almost” done with a year overloaded with academic tasks! And now, I have the time to travel as frequently as before; and I want you to travel with me.

Until I start my special “Travel” or “Travel With Me” section; I will be taking you with me, on my blog and social media wherever I go, through this lifestyle section.

During my trips, I won’t be able to update my blog, because I tend to fully immerse myself in leisure travel that I wouldn’t want to think of anything else. However, I will be micro-blogging my travel diaries through my social media channels every day. I will be sharing with you the places I stay at, the food, the parties I attend, the shopping destinations, my personal style & beauty tricks during travel, and of course plenty of recommendations that can be beneficial to you should you want to take the same trip.

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My next stop is Dubai again, and then Easter Vacation somewhere also hot!

Glamorously Yours;