Travel Style Advice – How to Pack for a Short Business Trip

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Short business trips are unavoidable these days: buying, private personal shopping, styling, consulting, media works, private projects and other enterprises. It’s like that for me… And for a huge number of working ladies in many industries these days; especially the fashion industry. The workforce is increasingly mobile… And within this mobility, ladies need to stay stylish and well put together.

In this to-the-point article, I will be answering the question “how to pack for a short business trip?” while sharing with you travel style advice on how to pack minimally while staying stylish and elegant on your short business trips:

-I will start by assuming you have a 3-4 days business trip of constant meetings-

1- Make sure your outfits are very  (underline very twice) versatile: sober colors, classic cuts, modern pass-partouts and other day to night pieces, that can double as business attire and outing attire with the help of a few accessories and different heels.

  • Pack a black conservative jumpsuit, this piece is key and can become anything you want depending on the rest of your outfit.
  • Pack a high waist jeans and your classic white blouse. Add a few accessories, a chunky necklace and metallic accessories plus color heels; and you can go out in this outfit! You’ll want to add a nude or black blouse as well to double this outfit for an extra day.
  • Have your versatile not-so-little black dress handy.
  • Have a fun day dress or top & skirt for your free hours.
  • Make sure you’ve packed two versatile heels that could work for all your outfits, say a black and a nude. Same goes for the bags.

2- Pick a few pieces of accessories that can transform your outfits whenever you need to take them to night.

  • Chunky accessories like chokers, cuffs and stacked rings are perfect.
  • Make sure you pack an interesting beaded or metallic clutch within your bigger bag.
  • Colored heels or metallic heels also have a great way of transforming any outfit.
  • A hat by day is never a bad idea as well!

3- Make sure your makeup can fit business situations and take it all the way to your outings in swift moves.

  • Pack your essential makeup kit in earthy colors and matte nude shadows.
  • If you have serious business meetings make sure you use products that are long lasting, and shine free.
  • But also keep your thicker eyeliner, glowy highlighter and red/dark or shiny lipstick handy for your night outfit.

4- Thinking of your perfume is also essential on these trips, you will basically need two perfumes.

  • Pick a light citrusy or vague sweet scent by day; the last thing people will want on business meeting is to have a headache because of a strong perfume.
  • And keep your strong Oud, or your favorite intense perfume for your non-business gatherings.

-Pictures are from my latest business trip that inspired me to write this article- 


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