The Polar Loop That Will Motivate You To Burn Calories

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We all need some company when it comes to our fitness challenges; a friend, a supporter or even a cute little buddy to keep up with the workout routine! Meet up my Polar Loop Activity Tracker, this new device just introduced to the Lebanese market that can help you keep up your fitness challenge.

My new Polar Loop Activity Tracker, my new boss that is, is my favorite new watch; but besides being a cool black sleek accessory that looks great with casual wear; this device is helping me control my calories intake as well keep track of my optimal level of activity any day.

Here are 10 reasons why you will love the Polar Loop Activity Tracker:

1- You will know exactly how much calories you are spending every single day.
2- You will know how many steps you took against your 10 000 average, or against your personal average which the system (once installed on the PC) will calculate for you.
3- You will be able to track your daily activity level against the average (it applies on working out, walking and jogging), and how much calories spent is that.
4- Once connected to your PC, the Loop will give you through set schedules and scientific graphs a clear breakdown of your body’s workouts and their worth in terms of calories.
5- Your results will be personalized according to your height, weight, age and gender.
6- You will become addicted to pushing up the numbers, hence pushing up your activity levels day by day.
7- The loop is also a watch!
8- The device is waterproof, hence can go with you to your swimming workouts (all my aqua sports in my case).
9- You will get motivated to beat yourself and push your limits every time you see your graphs.
10- And for your fashion concerns, well… It’s a beautiful accessory!!

Does it sound tempting so far? I am totally addicted to checking out my loop every now and then! I even try to beat myself day to day! Such a motivating effect for a tiny beautiful accessory!

Find out more about my loop, and about other loops with different options through Polar Lebanon.

Glamorously Yours;