A Summer Perfume by Viktor & Rolph

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In a cute fuchsia package, I received my Bonbon perfume from Viktor and Rolph (thank you for the gift)! As beautiful as the package, was the scent of Bonbon perfume I’ve been using religiously over the last few days!

The Bonbon perfume by the two eccentric designers comes in a fuchsia bottle in the shape of a wrapped candy; perfect for display. I love it when perfumes come in a beautiful bottle because I tend to keep the bottle and display it, unless I buy the perfume again.

The perfume made it to my list of favorites as of the first use. Sweet, caramelish, peachy, flowery, light and perfect for day use; it is a great perfume for summer days.

Yet; the freshness and sweetness of the scent classifies it for daylight; I couldn’t think of it as a night perfume where I personally prefer heavier Arab oriented scents.

Recognizing it is hard to pass on the smell; you will have to try for yourselves. I personally would add: summer days are a perfect time to use this beautiful perfume by Viktor and Rolph; I am keeping it for my weekend days!

arab beauty bloggers

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