Styling Mixed Prints

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Styling ixed prints was always one of my favorite styling tasks. I love styling big mixed prints and bold ones as well. But styling prints on prints is something I never did, until I saw this print on print dress at BHV Lebanon!

It was confusing! The dress already had two prints in it and way too many colors so I almost didn’t know how to proceed. I usually select one of the most prominent colors of the print and go with it for the rest of the outfit; but this time, the only way to save it was to go for neutral black heels.

My favorite way to dress prints is usually to complete the outfit with monochromes or neutrals; or the boldest and most prominent color. If the printed piece is a neutral itself (like a black and white piece) I would take the opportunity to add some blue, orange, hot pink or pink.

My Advice:
If you are planning to wear something that is all printed, make sure the rest of the outfit is in effect simpler. Print on print can be seriously tricky to style.

*Outfit by BHV Lebanon*

patricia issa

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