Styling Flared Pants

I never thought I will be styling flared pants ever again! But if one observes the runways for the last few years; one can infer that international fashion designers are definitely missing the second half of the last century!!

In effect, this is not the first comeback of the flared pants; we’ve seen smaller come backs in 2002-2003 and then again in 2010. However, I have a feel that this time it’ll catch more.

Styling flared pants for me is an opportunity to look taller, much much taller!! So I would definitely go for dark colored flared pant with medium or high rise.

For the look in this post, I finally chose to wear my Dolce & Gabbana flared pants all the way from 2010. I have gotten this pieces for the Ring Ceremony in AUB and never wore it since; so this was an opportunity for me to put it back to use.

I went for a classic look with a light gray blouse from Vero Moda, black & grey pumps from Miss Selfridge and a red clutch from Risk London. I chose a classic red makeup to go with the clutch; and I accessorized minimally with a dark gray body necklace

My Advice: Never ever select flared pants that are low waist; no only they will make you look much shorter, but also fat in the middle. Always go for the medium or high rise cuts for a long legged effect.

patricia issa

patricia issa

patricia issa


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