Styling Complex Prints

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We all have a few pieces of our closet that we can get stuck on regularly. For me, this jungle colors dress (complex prints) is one of them. I’ve had it for two years now and I just can’t see myself without it.

Styling the jungle colors is not easy, because they go along greens and browns; and are easier styled with yellows, nudes and warm saharan colors. However, I find these previous combinations quite boring, this is why I prefer to add a strong cold color to the combination.

For this combination, I went for a nude Zara Pump and intense royal blue Michael Kors bag (with the matching watch) to break the greens and browns. But I felt I needed more than one odd element in royal blue, this is why I added the watch.

My Advice: Styling complex print especially jungle prints is not easy. Most often than not, it is quite limiting in terms of colors. Choosing accessories from the print itself is usually the best and safest approach. But for a more daring look, pick a color that’s totally alien to the print, and make sure it exists in two different elements of your outfit to make it imposing.

This was an outfit for a regular business day.

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