Styling Animal Prints

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Styling animal prints can be complicated; this is why I prefer styling animal prints with monochromes as the simplest yet classiest of options.

For this post, I am styling animal prints with monochromes using the shades of the print itself going between white, gray and black. I paired up animal print leggings from Topshop with a black peplum lace top from Lela Rose, gray platform pumps from Aldo and a shoulder bag from Pepe Mole.

As you can notice, I picked for the rest of the outfit, shades that are already present in the leggings. The bag is white, pump is gray and top is black; the mere constituents of the print.

My Advice: Start by going with monochromes from the colors of the printed piece itself; it is always the simplest and easiest way to style animal prints. From that point, you can progress into adding more colors, different prints or even metallics. I will be trying those options in coming posts.

lebanese fashionistas

lebanese fashionistas

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