Dieting Truth: You Will Never Stop Snacking

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The truth is, there is no way to completely stop snacking. If you think you can totally stop snacking… Well, you are cheating yourself; because eventually, you will fall back.

There are ways to, stop snacking, avoid un-healthy snaking and actually do less damage to your diet.

-Do not keep junk at home: Easy access is simply why we end up snacking so much. If it’s not there, you will not eat it.

-Avoid boredom: Most people snack out of boredom rather than out of hunger or thirst, having something to do will help you avoid these scenarios.

– Keep healthy snacks around: Fruits are our favorite choice, followed by unsalted nuts, low fat and low salt snacks and low calories alternatives.

– Size over taste: Prefer snacks that come in small chunks and take time to consume, such as pop-corn, corn and crudities.

-Drink low calorie sodas: Keep some low calories beverages around, 0-calories flavored sodas are all-times favorites.

-Keep tea close: Keep some healthy infusions such as green tea an chamomile handy; easy to make and can distract you from calories-full alternatives.

-Choose healthy restaurants: If you have the options to order in snacks or food, keep only the healthy places’ menus and contact numbers in.

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