Spring Fashion in Neutrals & Metallics

Even though it is all about spring fashion and spring fashion trends with their colorful hints everywhere. Neutrals never go away; and neutral outfits are always perfect fits for many situations including some semi-formal visits, or work meetings.

Spring fashion for 2015 borrows from last season’s trends some blacks and whites; but also some khakis and metallics. These two-three trends are going to remain with us for a couple more years, actually.

For this full BHV look; I chose to highlight what we have left from winter, dragging with us along spring and summer 2015; which is white, khaki and some metallics. These trends are not going to leave the runway any soon.

Combinations of neutrals and metallics can be played two ways:
1- For a conservative look; let the clothes be neutral, and the rest of the outfit metallic.
2- For a fashion forward look; let the clothes be metallic; and the rest of the outfit neutral.

My Advice: Always opt for simple hair and a light makeup with your metallic outfits. There’s enough shine already in the combo.

patricia issa  (2)

Glamorously Yours;