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I’ve been blogging for two months now, and to the most honest of statements: I am so glad I already started blogging. Some reflections on blogging had been on my mind for a while, and at some point, I had to spare the time and write them down.

I was quite confused between personal style blogging, general personal blogging and fashion blogging; then I decided that despite the advantages of a narrower focus; I wanted to do both: Fashion, because I am quite opinionated about fashion; and personal style, for the love of sharing my personal touch.

My new born, still quite tiny blog, makes me happy. It might be very new, still amateur work, not quite in its final form -and will never be, because when something stops improving, it stops being-, awaiting some additions and some re-direction; but it is there and I love it; it represents stuff that I love and stuff that I want to share.

I do believe in sharing personal style, but also in educating my readers on fashion in general -through my personal lens-. But most importantly, I do believe that when a reader goes over a blog, they should be able to get something out of it for themselves: Some general information to benefit them in their daily lives, some insights and guidance into what’s fashionable, some smart shopping ideas, some do-it-yourself fashion and beauty tips and some inspiration…

I am not, and will never claim myself an authority on anything …
I am learning as I am going. And sharing it along the way…
My readers are my everything. They’ll always be…

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Glamorously Yours;

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Blogging

  1. Hi Fashionicia!
    I like what you say about the conflict of personal versus general fashion-writing. When Huffington Post started in 2007, they asked me to write about style, life-style, fashion,…It was the hardest thing to write like this, it felt fluffly and empty and writing only became interresting again when I accepted that fashion and style IS personal and without risking a reveal, maybe even a personal reveal, the words are empty and boring to the writer and the reader.
    Then I started a way too personal blog that was really fun to write and even got me a literary agent, but it veered away from fashion.
    It will be interresting to see who finds the right balance, but I think your tone and your voice are a really inspiring example. Thank You!
    Monah Li

    1. Thanks a lot Monah for your feedback and for sharing your story!!

      I definitely agree with you about how hard it is to stay general and objective about something that involves personal taste.
      Fashion is personal taste, and one cannot be objective about that!!

      Will be checking your blog ASAP!!


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