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I use different brands and labels for my makeup products. But when it comes to skincare essentials, these are stuff we can’t mess with. Skincare products can make or break your face, literally, because no makeup or look is ever well done without a greatly maintained healthy skin: Hence, quality is everything.

I got to try recently the daily skincare range from Shiseido (thank you Shiseido Lebanon), and a week down the line, I must say that it quickly rose to the top of my list of favorites for the simple reason that it is a synonym to quality and promises well delivered.

This range of skincare (pictured above) has very strong quality criteria scattered along the different products; I will highlight these according to the products I’ve tried:

-IBUKI Cleanser: With a formula that’ll come out a bit thicker than your usual cleanser; you need a small drop of this product to get yourself covered. Both the smell and feel are light, and the after-feel is super clean, but also super dry.

-IBUKI Softening Concentrate: This facial lotion will take you by surprise a little, because it will disappear off of your face within a minute leaving it at the same time moisturizer but dry to touch.

-IBUKI Eye Correcting Cream: The eye cream is also of a thick and super rich formula. The great plus with this product is the fact that it makes a difference within very few days. The area around your eyes will gradually become most rested, just as if you had an extra few hours of sleep.

-IBUKI Protective Moisturizer: This day product is simply all I need during the day from now on. Not only it keep the skin hydrated and protected from the sun, but also is quickly absorbed and does not leave any residues. What I loved about this product is the triple effect: The full day moisturizing effect, the dry touch and feel, and the one week transformation in terms of a much more even colored skin and a much softer texture.

-Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate: And this is where we get to the miracle product. This cream is in effect one of the best products I’ve ever tried throughout three years of trials and errors with beauty and skincare. Talk about immediate glow and moisture, talk about overnight even tone and youthful appearance, and talk about speed in absorption and clean feel. This product is an absolute MUST TRY. I believe I am hooked and I will never run out of it on my beauty counter!!

Bear in mind that skincare products belonging to Shiseido work perfectly together; so for better results make sure to purchase the whole line and use it regularly. I cannot promise you a miracle, but I can promise you that high expectations will be met and results enhanced every single day.


Glamorously Yours;

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