More Polka Dots Styling

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There’s no such a thing as “don’t wear that” because you’re curvy! In effect, everything has a way to be styled as to suit every single body type. In a previous post -click it here- I talked about the four ways of styling polka dots if you’ve got curves; so in this article, I applied one of these ways, which is wearing the polka dots where I am the thinnest (upper part).

In effect, the style I chose to highlight here, includes many styling lessons I shared separately in many previous articles. I am going to repeat these styling lessons here and will leave you to judge whether the combination worked or not:

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1- Polka dots? No problem: Style them where you are the thinnest.

2- Thin waist and full hourglass figure? High waist skirt and crop top.

3- Thick bottom? Dark and fluffy fabric.

4- Want to highlight collar bones and shoulders? Off shoulders’ top or some (reasonable) boat neck cleavage.

5- Want to hide some features? Accentuate others, as I did with the shoes, hair and makeup.

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influencers in lebanon

What do you think? Would you go for this combination?

Glamorously Yours;