Pink Outfit

I rarely style a one color outfit, or even overdose on one color; but when it comes to this one time… I needed some happy girly bubbly energy around me after 20 days of being bed-bound, hence a pink outfit!

Not that I felt I need to look silly and overly living in a bubble (because hell I don’t); but the illusion of a happier place was much needed after 20 days of being almost paralyzed and in deep thought and lack of sleep. Using color therapy was pretty the answer, and pink suggests innocence, hot pink suggests bubbly moods and happiness and the combination of the colors I chose is powerfully energetic.

Never estimate the power of colors. Specific colors have the power to shift your mood and affect your behavior. Despite me not having the most pink personality ever, I feel that pink gives me a mega throwback to my teen’s happy years and shifts my mood to a bubblier happier mode.

That’s when it comes to pink but:
-Blue can make you calmer and more peaceful.
-Red can get you in your seduction mode. It can also get you angrier.
-Green can make you friendly.
-Yellow will give you tons of energy.
-But black is another story…

patricia issa  (2)

Glamorously Yours;