Lose the Extra Makeup … PLEASE

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A post about how to lose the extra makeup might sound counter intuitive to me, because I am into makeup (sometimes extra makeup) and dark shades. But the idea of extra makeup has nothing to do with colors, but the exaggeration in the overall makeup. To me, you can wear burgundy lipstick and still look simple. So for a starter, a fierce makeup doesn’t qualify as too much makeup; it only does if it is fierce everywhere.

Cutting to the essence, I want you to follow 7 simple makeup rules:

1- It’s either dark eyes, or dark lips; never both.
2- You focus on a bold eyeliner, or bold eye shadow; never both.
3- If you are contouring your face sharply, lose the heavy eye makeup and bold lips and put your cheeks en-relief.
4- If you have thick scruffy eyebrows, easy on the eye makeup in general.
5- If you are planning for bold eyelashes, keep your eyeliner soft.
6- If you are going for big bold lips; keep the countouring of your cheeks minimal.
7- If you are focusing on your eyebrows, lashes and cheeks; make sure your lips are almost nude.

These are some of the few rules you need to follow to enjoy the dramatic effects of makeup without the excess! stay tuned for I am planning more posts on makeup!

Glamorously Yours;

10 thoughts on “Lose the Extra Makeup … PLEASE

    1. Hello!!

      I know, I posted this specific pic in line with the first paragraph where I admit I am guilty of the makeup sins!

      1. Not a lot, but I have to fix the inner part, they’re uneven and thicker towards the middle and the end.
        I use an eyebrows pencil and some gel, but I only fill the parts at the lower angle of the nose.

    1. My eyebrows are very thick and dark, but the inner part is very asymmetric and uneven, so I correct it.
      Otherwise I’ll give the impression I’m giving you the evil look -_-

        1. Never with that tattoo thingy! It’s high maintenance and towards maintenance times it gets purple and ugly!!
          I’ve always had bushy eyebrows and never followed the trend of thin eyebrows; this is why I never lost any hair.

          BUT, I hear fish oil and anything with Omega 3 is good. It worked for a few friends. If you can also bear with letting them grow for a while (yes we all hate that blue shade :p) the thin hairs can also fill up some space.

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