The Last Year for Burgundy

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They are saying it’s the last year for burgundy! And I do not like the news!

Fashion sources and insiders including myself know very well that the span of life of each color is usually three seasons if it’s a classic and a popular color. Burgundy then, which started trending a couple of years ago, is probably living its last season at the forefront of fashion. All these fashion news mean one thing: It’s time to make the best out of your burgundy pieces before the color goes back to become secondary.

Colors, do not just disappear from the runway, but rather take a backseat from being the main color, until a revival comes around. From that backseat, colors stay in accessories, beading, small pieces and additions.

But well, burgundy is still a dominant color this year, this is why I chose to style three burgundy and black outfits, for different occasions, in order to make the best out of having one of my favorite colors IN-FASHION.

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