How to get Lighter Right Away? “Cryofit”

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Science is awesome! Immediate slimming methods have become widely known, whether these immediate slimming methods rely on chemicals, on heat or on -in this case- on cold. The cold, just like heat treatments, can contribute to immediate slimming through freezing fat and redirecting it outside the body through natural mechanisms.

My last fitness treatment at Dr Burgener Spa in Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand was the “Cryofit“; a technology based on cold that is supposed to give immediate effects.

The Cryofit is a cold wrap, so you will be wrapped with bandages soaked in the Cryofit lotion. In a few minutes, you will start feeling the cold – this is the part where I will tell you that a lot of people cannot handle it; that will depend on your resilience to very low temperatures. On the other hand, the lotion smells herbal and amazing; and has cooling and relaxing effects.

I was able to handle the full 30 minutes of the treatment; which was totally worth it. The immediate effects of the Cryofit treatment manifested themselves in smoother skin and a lighter feel in the lower body; but the true effects showed a few days later where I lost a lot of water retention from the lower body which made me also slightly drop in size. Another observation yet is that of a slight reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

I had the Cryofit treatment once; but of course those who are following through are getting obvious results in short periods of time.

Now whether I recommend it or not? I won’t be as decisive as my other Dr Burgener features. I loved the treatment, and it definitely gives the result it promises. But a lot will depend on how much you can handle the cold. At that; I can only tell you that it is totally worth it!!

Before I conclude this feature; I cannot but mention that at Dr Burgener you will be treated by professionals and degree holders; people who completed professional studies and real training in Lebanon and abroad. The true capital of the Dr Burgener Spa in Lebanon is its A Grade team along with a brand that promises and delivers.

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