Forget the Scale, Treat Your Cellulite

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We all have cellulite. And by all, I include the many models I worked with during photoshoots, fashion shows and events. We ALL have cellulite; but of course in different proportions.

How to remove cellulite is a forever question for all women; you just check “how to remove cellulite” on google to understand what I mean. Solutions ranging from mechanical to chemical to breakthrough heat and cold treatments are everywhere. But do they work?

The truth, as I learned from the team and from my personal experience with Dr Burgener Switzerland; is that treating cellulite has different components, and no single approach will cut it alone. If you want to remove cellulite, you will have to adopt a full approach that will also change a lot of your current lifestyle.

I am not here to give you a science lecture, but rather a personal experience; this is why let me talk about that ugly thing no one wants to talk about “my cellulite”!

The bad news is, I have cellulite; the good news is, I do not have a severe case despite the fact that my weight has yo-yoed a lot in the past. From my personal observation, I accumulated some cellulite due to three factors:
-My unstable weight
-Being constantly dehydrated
-And having a horrible fat saturated and toxins injected eating habits.
Yet, genetics helped me in never developing an ugly orange skin; but some cellulite is there, and I do not like it.

My fitness plan with Dr Burgener Switzerland passes by removing cellulite; and somewhere about the end of the first 3 weeks of it; I still cannot believe how visible are the “so-far” results.

The professional team was real and up front; their first comment was that nothing alone can remodel my body and remove my cellulite and that I will have to take 5 to 6 measures together, some are to keep forever to prevent the bad guy from coming back. Dr Burgener Switzerland’s approach for removing cellulite and remodeling the body is a full approach relying on the following:

-Efficient sessions of LPG (endermology) divided into 12 sessions packages; after which the team will decide according to results if you need more or you can move into maintenance mode.
-Intensive cardio/water massage exercises which will boost the LPG results and work on helping you in fat reduction and drainage.
-Shots of special treatments (which we will address later) that can boost your result when performed within your personalized treatment.
-Anti cellulite professional products based on caffeine and herbal components that will boost the mechanical result and accelerate your cellulite removal.
-Some lifestyle changes that mainly tackle you water intake, and healthier food.

Of all these, allow me to focus on the main treatment, which is LPG:
LPG is a massage treatment aimed at combating cellulite and water retention, all while remodeling the body and reshaping the trouble areas into a more toned version. The treatment is perform through the very last breakthrough technologies Dr Burgener always makes sure it owns. The treatment is external, non-invasive and relaxing at the same time. Endermology works through massaging the skin in motions that alternate between vibration and suction; the blood circulation gets activated and the body heals itself from orange skin without any excessive intervention. The massage allows the body to break and lose superficial fats and excess water through natural mechanisms.

By the time I am on my 10th LPG session; I can tell you the following:

There is no magic, but slow and steady progress that you will be able to observe after the first 4 sessions. The level of water retention in my body is going down, whatever cellulite I have is less visible but the breakthrough is: I am dropping in size and I can a much more toned body in many areas mainly my upper arms and abdominal tough-spots!

I have always been a pear shaped heavy bottom; more proportionate measures are underway and I owe it all to the combination of fitness sessions (LPG and Spabike) I am following up in Dr Burgener Spa.

Of course, keeping up with the small tips the team has been giving me also contributed to my results.

This team truly goes the extra mile guiding you and helping you; they will check on you by phone, they never forget handing you your water and asking you to drink it after the treatment and they will ask you constantly about your lifestyle to pinpoint the factors that could be damaging you. When it come to real personalized care and close follow up; they are day by day present and on the top of their game.

The final results are upcoming towards the end of this fitness program; but I couldn’t wait to share with you one more step I have been following diligently; one step that is the main game changer in my and your quest towards a fit and toned body!

One note though, Dr Burgener Switzerland’s fitness treats are in very high demand especially that the fattening winter is right behind the door!! So book yourself early like I did!

luxury spas in lebanon

luxury spas in lebanon

luxury spas in lebanon

luxury spas in lebanon

luxury spas in lebanon
And… The view!

luxury spas in lebanon

luxury spas in lebanon

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