Fitness Tips to Avoid Summer Kilos

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Summer is the season of frequent outings, parties with a lot of alcohol, ice cream, travels and fun! The worst thing ever is having to diet through summer, but at least, there ways to maintain that summer body you worked hard for.

Here are 6 fitness tips that’ll get you through summer without any added weight:

1- Make the best out of every day where no outings or parties are scheduled to go light.

2- Skip your snacks when alcohol is on the night plan.

3- Drink plenty of water (aim for 2 glasses) before each meal; it’ll make you fill up faster and eat less.

4- Whenever a copious meal is planned, go lighter on the previous two meals.

5- Fruits are your new friends; keep a fresh fruit salad in your fridge for your night cravings.

6- Make sparkling water your go to drink to open a party; it’ll distract you, hydrate you and make you drink less alcohol or heavy drinks. You can also use it to dilute your drinks and save on calories.

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