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I am a fitness enthusiast, I definitely am. Not your regular dieter and cardio fan; but rather more the real foodie with weight lifting sins that end up increasing instead of decreasing my measures!!

Setting that aside (I consider my muscle weight cannot count against me), I’ve managed to drop 3 kilos lately -lazily- following these seven lazy fitness hacks:

1- Ice? Yes please, full ice. That’s how you will answer every time you’re being offered a drink with too much calories in it. More ice is less drink, and less calories.¬†One of my favorite fitness hacks

2- Cannot drink enough water? Good. I am a fan of Perrier and H2O, and so are you, as of now.

3- Snacking time? Green apples and carrots, both with a zest of lime and some salt; it’ll become addictive.

4- Copious meal out? Or invitation? You will start eating slowly, you’ll eat less and digest better; you will also look like eating for a longer time and the host or your friends out will not notice you’re trying to cut down on quantity.

5- Heavy dessert? Have a fruit with it and skip the next meal. I know you shouldn’t be skipping meals, but sometimes that piece of cake is impossible to turn down; the additional fruit will make up for some of the vitamins and fibers.

6- Feeling too lazy for gym? Have a light RedBull (or any other energy drink, just naming my personal favorite) and half a liter of water. Again, doctors will not support me with the RedBull recommendation, but I am not asking you to do this everyday. It’s a life savior; and it can only hurt if you abuse.

7- Feeling too hungry after gym? Wait half an hour then eat an apple with 1/2 a liter of water; it’ll fill you up until your next healthy meal. My least favorite of fitness hacks.


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