Emergency Styling

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I’m always on the run; so I always end up with an event to drop by and less than 20 minutes to decide on my outfit. Worst yet, when I am running a back to back schedule where I do not have the option to stay in heels for so long or deal with complicated pieces of clothing; outfit emergency styling declared.

In this ‘My Glam’ post, I am just going over a few emergency rules for such situations where you do not have time to style yourself nor the luxury of wearing an uncomfortable outfit for the sake of style.

The rules to save yourself are simple:
1- Keep it simple, denim always works.
2- Have one piece that stands out, in this style it is the jacket.
3- Have a few comfortable yet very stylish shoes, such as wedges.
4- Learn a beautiful, yet standard makeup that you can apply in 5-7 minutes in colors that suit everything!!

That’s how I saved myself that day!! Using a printed jacket I got from Blue Box Concept Boutique (France) and a pair of gold studded Ash boots with a Jil Sander shoulder bag; my typical brown smoky eyes / light pink lips makeup and the quickest blow dry ever for my new asymmetric hairstyle!

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Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa