Does Alcohol Stop Weight Loss?

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This is a question I always wondered about: Does alcohol stop weight loss?

This week, on the the third week of my fitness journey, I answered the famous question. So does alcohol stop weight loss? No, but it damages it quite well.

I lost 700 grams this third week instead of the 1 kilo I was expecting; probably because of two mistakes I did:
1- I haven’t been putting my lunch under check, a meal that is being maybe a little too big.
2- I had alcohol twice, without accounting for the fact that I should subtract something in parallel

In total, I lost 3 kilos and 700 grams in 3 weeks. But the most important result is that I started getting used to this new healthier lifestyle. I am every bit engaged in it.

On the other hand, I have been starting my day with water instead of waiting till after breakfast and actually having cereals in the morning instead of keeping it at coffee. I corrected 2 mistakes I reported last time.

My Advice: Do cut down on alcohol if you are planning to lose weight, alcohol will interfere in the process and slow down your results.

Stay tuned; while I enjoy the very last stretch of summer!!

Glamorously Yours;