Do You Have Your Own Style

patricia issa

No. I am serious, that’s my answer: No I don’t.

Through my short involvement in the fashion world, I have found out that I can be truly eclectic. I’d go from romantic to rough & masculine; and from classic to totally edgy; and I’d oscillate back and forth between different trends and their various outfit applications; and I’d wear things I said I wouldn’t wear before.

The truth is, if you are at a definitional problem with your personal style; do not feel pressured to define it at all. Fashion is supposed to be fun and enjoyable; and the truly fun part of it is the ability to experiment with different styles and fashion until you feel comfortable with one or more. But if you don’t, keep experimenting!

When I get questions about my style, I rarely have an answer. I know what I like and what I do not like; but I am not really classic, nor totally funky; I am not a total trends’ follower nor a individual case of itself, I chose to stand out sometimes and to blend in some others; but above all I enjoy styling myself as well as thinking of the next outfit in line.

All in all, I’d rather leave the question of an “individual style” to a later stage, one that might never come.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Have Your Own Style

  1. TRUE… If i talk about myself.. i can never restrict my style into something particular…be it classy or funky etcetra .. I believe in experimenting my looks and my style from head to toe every other weekend. But i guess to have an individuality amongst the crowd one need to have its own style statement..
    I know it is contradictory but fashion is always like that.. this season may be its wide pants a big hit but in few months down the lane it might turn out to be a NO!!

  2. Well said, it’s really difficult to define your own personal style (and, why should you have to for that matter, it’s YOUR style). I definitely don’t have my own style either, I like playing with different types and experimenting, afterall, isn’t that the point?

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