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There’s definitely something about dark colors & Scorpios. I am yet to meet one late October or November baby who’s not fond of wearing all black or all dark. They say, the nature of the Scorpio as a small black animal of the shadows, is what affects those born under this sign to have dark styling affinities. It is not only about what’s dark, but what’s mysterious. Dark colors are mysterious, and carry an intimidating air of enigma and shady secrets. People who wear dark clothes, especially dark winter clothes that cover them head to toe, look a little aloof, like intimidating loners.

I am not sure how much of these “dark” interpretations do apply to me. I am definitely a little introverted at times; but I am also a very sociable person at the same time. Shy Scorpio? I don’t think so. I am pretty bold and could be doing something totally weird under the public eye. Moreover, I am very forward with the way I express myself; so I interpret black as imposing rather than withdrawn.

There’s also a certain feeling of comfort that come with dark colors, this feeling of being slightly invisible (even though you’re most probably the most visible), and this feeling of being able to hide anything.

To me, the darker version of any color is its best self…

I think it has to do with being a Scorpio.

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