Clashing Colors

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Clashing colors are “supposedly” a fashion faux pas, would you dare?

I’ve always put black and brown together (as the ultimate two clashing colors), and never considered the clash between the two colors a big fashion faux pas; but it took certain shades of both colors to make this combination works. I’ve also been matching shades of blue with shades of green before color blocking became the “thing”.

Lately, I felt like putting shades of red and burgundy together; this is why I came up with this outfit combining burgundy and red with lighter and darker shades.

My Advice: I had no rules for doing this; but when trying with clashing colors it is better to make it look very intentional through big pieces (in this case the burgundy pants and shoes, with the red jacket), very statement and not subtle at all. You gotta go all the way or it will indeed look like a mistake.

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