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Paris Like a Local

I’ve been to Paris before, more than once… And I’ve already developed all the good habits of a typical Arab tourist in Paris. Except that… cities become really interesting when you get to see them like locals do; and when you get to discover little gems here and there; gems[…]

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Dubai With Batiste

So I’ve been away for a while with a strict decision to do nothing but what matters, and attend nothing but what I believe to be interesting and value added. And then, one of my favorite brands “Batiste” invited me with a friend to “Dubai” to attend their new launch![…]

patricia issa

Travel Style Advice – How to Pack for a Short Business Trip

Short business trips are unavoidable these days: buying, private personal shopping, styling, consulting, media works, private projects and other enterprises. It’s like that for me… And for a huge number of working ladies in many industries these days; especially the fashion industry. The workforce is increasingly mobile… And within this[…]

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Summer Beauty Hacks for Your Hot Travels

Packing for travel is a girl’s serious summer nightmare! Most of the ladies I know, including myself, always end up with too much of what they will never need or that they can go without in their luggage! In a previous post, I talked about over-packing and provided tips to[…]

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Starting this Summer in Muscat

Hot destinations are my crush! The hotter the better… and that is because I like getting my summer tan in May and early June. This year though, I started my summer in Muscat. A combination of leisure and business, this two weeks trips where I spent most of my time[…]

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How To Pick A Hotel When You Travel

Travel is high on everyone’s agendas these days. Whether for leisure or for business, it is hard not to find ourselves not boarding a plane a few times per year. A crucial part of traveling to a new country, is the choice of the hotel at which I will be[…]

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What To Do In Snowy Istanbul ??

So I had my New Year trip planned to Istanbul, and guess what?! A snow storm hit from the first till the last day of my vacation! Sounds like a bummer, but not really. Istanbul during snow is simply breathtaking and there’s a lot one can do once trapped in[…]

patricia issa

Issues With Packing for Travel

I don’t know if I am the only one here, but I have serious issues with packing for travel. I cannot seem to be able to travel light at all. Whenever I pack a basic piece, I automatically start thinking of another 5 choices to pack with it. My mind[…]

Sharm el Sheikh Trip

Travel to Sharm el Sheikh: The Egyptian city located in Southern Sinai and which remained occupied by Israel until the 80s (The Camp David Accord), is one of the main spring and summer attractions of the Middle East. On the shores of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh can be[…]

Playing Against the Weather in Dubai

On my third and last day in Dubai, I decided to take advantage of the sunny side of an extremely schizophrenic weather. So after having breakfast with a view at Ballaro Dubai, I jumped in my bathing suit and headed to Purobeach Dubai; which is also a part of the[…]

Very British At The Races

So as you know, Miss Selfridge Middle East sent me to Dubai to attend one of the most expensive races in the world, The Dubai World Cup!! Not only that, but besides attending The Dubai World Cup, I was also treated like a queen all along my trip. On the[…]

Royal Blue in Dubai

So I was enjoying a nice brunch at Liza Beirut when I was called by the team of Miss Selfridge Middle East! A trip to Dubai was in store for me as well as the opportunity to attend The Dubai World Cup on Saturday March 28! The Dubai World Cup[…]

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Travel With Me

I am finally “almost” done with a year overloaded with academic tasks! And now, I have the time to travel as frequently as before; and I want you to travel with me. Until I start my special “Travel” or “Travel With Me” section; I will be taking you with me,[…]

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Travel With Me – France Style Selfies

I spent half of my sweet birthday month “November” in Southern France – Grasse at friends’. For this trip, I really didn’t know what travel wardrobe to pack because Accuweather told me that it’s going to be somewhere between 4 – 17 degrees. So below is the travel wardrobe I[…]

Travel With Me – Shop in France

Took a two weeks trip to Southern France (Cote D’azur) for my birthday this year. It was a much needed break from an over-worked year. I visited some places where I’ve never been before in France, but also shopped a lot and gained a couple kilos!! Won’t be long, I[…]

Travel with Me – Shopping in Dubai

So, without much introductions, I’m leaving you with some pictures of fashion displays I captured during my spring vacation in Dubai. These are my Shopping in Dubai “snapshots” informally, using a phone that’s low on memory.