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Spring Fashion in Neutrals & Metallics

Even though it is all about spring fashion and spring fashion trends with their colorful hints everywhere. Neutrals never go away; and neutral outfits are always perfect fits for many situations including some semi-formal visits, or work meetings. Spring fashion for 2015 borrows from last season’s trends some blacks and[…]

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Dare to Try Anything Once: Retro Styles

If you are a true fashionista, then you know you must try anything at least once. You never know what catches. Retro styles were never my thing. Retro stylesin both hair and makeup do not reflect who I am or what I believe I represent. But then again, I had[…]

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A Black Jumpsuit Will Always Do

Time is scarce and we all want the kind of items that can function as quick fashion fixes in any situation. To me, jumpsuits can be great, but black jumpsuits are perfect. Black jumpsuits are very versatile; on one hand they can be accessorized in a million way, and on[…]

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Pastels 101

Do you wear pastels? I used to run away from pastels because they tend to make me look even more curvy than I am. However, and since spring and summer 2015 are all about pastels. I decided to change this habit a bit to find the right pastels for myself.[…]

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Playing Against the Weather in Dubai

On my third and last day in Dubai, I decided to take advantage of the sunny side of an extremely schizophrenic weather. So after having breakfast with a view at Ballaro Dubai, I jumped in my bathing suit and headed to Purobeach Dubai; which is also a part of the[…]

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Very British At The Races

So as you know, Miss Selfridge Middle East sent me to Dubai to attend one of the most expensive races in the world, The Dubai World Cup!! Not only that, but besides attending The Dubai World Cup, I was also treated like a queen all along my trip. On the[…]

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Royal Blue in Dubai

So I was enjoying a nice brunch at Liza Beirut when I was called by the team of Miss Selfridge Middle East! A trip to Dubai was in store for me as well as the opportunity to attend The Dubai World Cup on Saturday March 28! The Dubai World Cup[…]

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The Girl in the Window

It is spring already. Yes! This winter passed so quickly that I barely felt the cold despite the several storms hitting the country consecutively. Spring fashion this year is very refreshing. Despite the existence of many mild colors and in-betweens, pastels are still reigning over spring fashion and contrasts are[…]

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Leopard is the New Black

Leopard is the new black! I don’t know for how long is this trend staying “in” but I am enjoying it as long as it stays. In my closet, leopard is the new black indeed as I have more leopard printed pieces than black pieces. Leopard print is easier to[…]

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An All Leather Outfit

Wearing an all leather outfit was never my thing. I love leather, and this year it is definitely in even for the next Spring-Summer 2015 season. All leather outfits are risky, as they can shift from being sexy to being trashy through a tiny styling mistake. To pull an all[…]

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Tales of Black Fashion

Black is king; and the most beautiful thing about it is that styling black tends to be easy as long as you get the right shades. Styling black with light colors is perfect for the day, and with some sparkle is perfect for the night. Here are a few guidelines[…]

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Clashing Colors

Clashing colors are “supposedly” a fashion faux pas, would you dare? I’ve always put black and brown together (as the ultimate two clashing colors), and never considered the clash between the two colors a big fashion faux pas; but it took certain shades of both colors to make this combination[…]

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Keep It Simple and Dark

I am a big fan of dark outfits. A simple and dark outfit is always a great formula for me especially that I am curvy and this kind of outfits makes me look thinner. Dark on dark, not black on black can get a bit tricky especially when the dark[…]

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Graphically Yours

Graphic prints on black or neutrals are personal favorites of mine as graphic prints are a great way to add some energy to an outfit without crowding it. Styling graphic prints for me is best done with monochromes that are driven from their own colors; might sound safe, but is[…]

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Sneakers are The New Heels

I have read a million new year’s resolutions for girls planning to wear more heels this coming year! Well, not me! I have finally discovered that sneakers are the new heels. Yes sneakers are the new heels!! Between comfort and style, I will probably pick comfort with a touch of[…]

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Fun is Always on the Dark Side

Dramatic outfits are the best; there is no doubt in that, because dramatic outfits are such a statement, and always a good reason to look twice. But dramatic outfits are also out of context most of the time; this is why I am trying as much as possible to find[…]

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Team Wang in Grayscale

We all got our hands on something from the Team Wang sports line from Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration. But I am not a basketball player and I needed to fit my Team Wang piece in my closet somehow. I do not have any VETO against putting sportswear with my[…]

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Take Me Back All The Way To Summer

This past summer was all about wedding outfits; and I am planning to revisit it once more before finally closing in the files of 2014 for good. I had taken the pledge never to worry about wedding outfits the way people do. I never understood the fuss about them anyway.[…]

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When in Doubt Wear BLACK

How to style black? In my eyes, black works best with black; so the question on how to style black is simple. However how to style black remains a question of choice; because black is the most versatile color, that is if you consider it to be a color. For[…]

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Styling Light Denim

Styling light denim is a bit hard, the main reason -at least for someone who’s not exactly thin- is that it can make you look heavy bottomed. Styling light denim though, is important to me because I love washed denim and I totally need to add some variation to my[…]

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Styling Animal Prints

Styling animal prints can be complicated; this is why I prefer styling animal prints with monochromes as the simplest yet classiest of options. For this post, I am styling animal prints with monochromes using the shades of the print itself going between white, gray and black. I paired up animal[…]

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When in Doubt Opt for Dressing Simple

Dressing simple is an art. In my opinion, dressing simple takes less effort but way more confidence. It means you are wearing less details to allow the real person in you to shine. When you opt for dressing simple, you are simply shifting the focus away from your outfit and[…]

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Finally a Casual Wedding

I have never attended a fully casual wedding before. All of the weddings I’ve attended before were formal to very formal, requiring an elaborately picked outfit. Until Nai, my cousin decided to have a garden casual wedding back in this summer, which was also during the afternoon! So for this[…]

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When in Doubt Pick a Classic Outfit

A classic outfit is an all times savior. It had been so forever especially that we can all pull a classic outfit through whatever items we have in our closets. Even when we do not have the slightest intention of putting together a classic outfit or to purposely buy classic[…]

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Summer Florals Are Also Dark

Summer florals, winter florals, actually florals in general are the most feminine patterns out there. There is no doubt that nothing represents how beautiful and vulnerable a lady is more than floral patterns. But despite the fact that summer florals are better reflected on a light background. I tend to[…]

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Styling Colors for My Tan

It is a fact of styling that your chosen colors must follow your skin tone, what I used to wear as a typical winter snow white is different than what I pick as colors for my tanned skin. The colors I select during summer when I have to take into[…]

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Styling a Maxi Summer Dress

I was never into maxi summer dresses, as I previously mentioned in this post. However, this summer totally changed my mind about them; so I ended up shopping for like 10 maxi summer dresses at once! For the soft exclusive opening of “Monte Cassino” boutique hotel (all about it in[…]

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Black Jumpsuit for the General

I love jumpsuits, they are simple to wear and pretty much stylish! A black jumpsuit must be the simplest thing to wear as well as the simplest thing to style. So for a friend’s wedding I had a couple of weeks ago; I decided to style a black jumpsuit I[…]

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Haute Couture in RED

So I had the wedding of a very good friend and hell I wasn’t planning for some off-the-shelf look. Your friends do not get married every day, so you’d better pull off something interesting, eccentric, maybe a little too sexy! So I went for Ibrahim El-Sharif couture! I was in[…]

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Designer Princess Outfit

Once a princess, always a princess. And if you can pull it with your favorite color, navy; all the better. For this girly look, yet from my collaboration with Ibrahim El-Sharif; I paired up a navy/black tutu skirt coming with a sequined belt, from Ibrahim El-Sharif collection, with a navy/gold[…]

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Mixing and Matching Designer & Street Fashion

For this second look of my collaboration with Ibrahim El-Sharif; I decided to mix and match between designer items and street items! I went for a full fresh and colorful look that’s suitable to the items of a young and fresh designer such as Ibrahim El-Sharif. I paired up this[…]

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Vintage Designer Outfit

Nothing like pulling a look that has some vintage feel to it. In effect, these looks -though I am not your classic fashion fan- make me feel very feminine and mature. For my last look in this collaboration with Ibrahim El-Sharif I picked a jacket with the most vintage feel[…]

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Ibrahim El Sharif Black Swan Dress

Nothing like the king of colors. Black. For the first look of my collaboration with the young designer Ibrahim El-Sharif; I chose to go for this Black Swan dress. Dreamy and princessy, though in black; this dress by Ibrahim El-Sharif embodies a lot of what Ibrahim El-Sharif represents: The Fairytale![…]

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Emergency Styling

I’m always on the run; so I always end up with an event to drop by and less than 20 minutes to decide on my outfit. Worst yet, when I am running a back to back schedule where I do not have the option to stay in heels for so[…]

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Styling Punk

So I had a fashion show and a dinner and I wasn’t in the mood for wearing uncomfortable glam. So I dug my closet for something stylish and comfortable and ended up in a versatile punk black and white combo! Styling punk is not something I usually do though! To[…]