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On the Art of Simplicity

Simplicity is key, and this art of simplicity is something that some fashionistas ace, while other still need a couple of tweaks and turns to get. I have to admit that the art of being simple for me, can be credited directly to my laziness (mostly); then to my disdain[…]

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Neutral Colors Edgy Styles

When you start something with the word “neutral“, it might look to some people as if what’s coming next is boring, classic or dull and plain. Well, NO. In fashion, some of the edgiest and most interesting styles can be created with the most neutral colors and their different shades.[…]

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7 Tips to Upgrade an all Lace Outfit

Besides lace dresses, few are the times I find myself wearing an all lace outfit. It is probably the case for most ladies, before Instagram made small lace crop tops and knee length skirts pretty popular. I find lace very sexy, this is why styling lace outfits tends to be[…]

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Dark Colors & Scorpios

There’s definitely something about dark colors & Scorpios. I am yet to meet one late October or November baby who’s not fond of wearing all black or all dark. They say, the nature of the Scorpio as a small black animal of the shadows, is what affects those born under[…]

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The Last Year for Burgundy

They are saying it’s the last year for burgundy! And I do not like the news! Fashion sources and insiders including myself know very well that the span of life of each color is usually three seasons if it’s a classic and a popular color. Burgundy then, which started trending[…]

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How Black Can Respond to All Styling Needs

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve written about black and styling black pieces. It’s amazing how luxurious and versatile this color is. And not less amazing how handy it comes under different circumstances. My advice for every woman out there, is to have one high quality black piece[…]

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Styling all Black for my Mood

I have a lot of reasons to wake up and decide on styling an all black outfit, even when the weather is perfect and I still can wear my happy-go-lucky colors… In effect, black is a very powerful color that imposes its own mood and makes its own statement. For me,[…]

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Vintage Dress Code

There’s nothing I love more than actually putting on a dress that had been in my closet for years, unused. Yet, a vintage dress code is never on my radar. A couple (or more) years ago, a cousin of mine sent me a white delicately designed beaded dress with crystal[…]

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More Polka Dots Styling

There’s no such a thing as “don’t wear that” because you’re curvy! In effect, everything has a way to be styled as to suit every single body type. In a previous post -click it here- I talked about the four ways of styling polka dots if you’ve got curves; so in[…]

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Time Waisted

No it is not a typo, I did use the title “Time Waisted”, because I just realized that I tend to highlight my waist a lot, whatever is it that I am wearing. In effect, if you are an hourglass or a pear shape with a defined waist but overflowing “other[…]

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Confidence Over Style

A lot of style, has to do with how style affects confidence. In effect, all it takes is for one to notice how much more confident they are when all styled up. Style then, is not a shallow concept, but one that actually transcends looks to affect attitude and human[…]

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Do Light Colors Make You Look Fat?

I get this question a lot from my friends and readers! Do light colors make you look fat? Here’s the key answer: Well it depends, not every single white, gray, beige or pastel piece makes you look fat. Other factors are involved in this equation and these are: The cut[…]

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Pink Blazer Kind of Moods

I have about three pink blazers, and they all belong to a time where I was in a much cheerful mood and less into darker colors. Lucky enough, they are very cross-season and always there for the days where I need a small positive lift. Do not underestimate the power[…]

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The Last Winter Outfit

It wasn’t warm, nor cold… It was more like, kind of springy but with a hint of cold; and I had a gala dinner at Phoenicia Beirut, and wasn’t in the mood for pulling any cocktail attire. Just a chic and last winter outfit!! I decided then, to pull an[…]

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The Most Elegant Color

When we speak of elegance, we are by one way or another speaking of black. Black is, uncontested, the most elegant color. Any piece of clothing (within limits) looks classier in black, any cut is enhanced in black, any fabric looks more expensive in black, and any silhouette can be[…]

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Little Black Dress, I Love You

I cannot think of a more versatile piece in anyone’s closet but a little black dress! In fact, I recently found out that a wintery little black dress can actually be more versatile than a summery little black dress. Why? Because naturally, winter accessories’ choices are more elaborate and can[…]

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Trying New Winter Outfits

I was never a hat person. And even though my best friend (Jad) is crazy about hats, nothing of this influence was passed to me, until recently. I was never a gloves and winter scarves person as well. I am also not a winter person to start with, so I[…]

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Blazers on Long Dresses, Why Not??

As it is obvious for too many people; I am not a big fan of the winter wardrobe, nor of the weather. Despite the many options that winter fashion offers, which are not available for summer fashion -like coats, capes, gloves and boots-; I still find summer fashion more beautiful[…]

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In Jean Fares Couture for a Queens’ Night

As I told you in an earlier post about the amazing “Queen for a Night” event (find it here), us queens were all dressed by Jean Fares Couture. Batoul Aalameddine Tabbara, the VIP stylist – image consultant and owner of Primimage, chose this blue (more like turquoise) dress for me,[…]

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Pop Culture Fashion

The term pop culture is not new in fashion; for with pop culture making it into arts, pop culture fashion simultaneously appeared. More pronounced at times than others, pop culture always has its fingerprints on modern fashion despite the many return to the last century. Pop culture fashion was very[…]

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Self Discovery Through Styling

Do you know that styling yourself everyday can be one path on your own self discovery? I never thought of it before, but your spontaneous choices when digging your wardrobe or when shopping can say a lot about you. And you can use this information to your advantage all while[…]

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Last Of Summer Outfits

Saying goodbye to summer is to me, the hardest goodbye of the year. I love summer. For me, summer is like pizza: when it is good, it’s really good; and when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Summer outfits are by far my favorites: the fabrics, the colors, the prints,[…]

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Styling Complex Prints

We all have a few pieces of our closet that we can get stuck on regularly. For me, this jungle colors dress (complex prints) is one of them. I’ve had it for two years now and I just can’t see myself without it. Styling the jungle colors is not easy,[…]

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Street Fashion and Style

The thing is, I often find the greatest fashion catches on the street. Not even while shopping. An item catches my attention in the most random boutique in a very non-shopping district, and I go in and buy it. Another perfect alternative for me, is actually high street fashion retailers.[…]

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The Not So Little Black Dress

The little black dress had always been the best fashion choice when all else fails. This is one piece that can be taken from day to night, and styled a million different ways to fit multiple occasions and levels of formality. But in this post, I am talking about the[…]

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Feminine Styling – The Midi Skirt

I have to admit that feminine styling was not my thing for a long long time. In effect; jeans, my highest heels and bold accessories were always my favorite formula for practically everything excluding weddings. And I admit I still use this formula a lot, whenever I am running out[…]

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Styling Purple – 5 Years Later

The first and last time I wore my purple princess dress, was exactly 5 years ago for the Business Gala Dinner, one of my loveliest memories of AUB (American University of Beirut). Today, 5 years later, I don’t know what compelled me to pull it out from my closet and[…]

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Neutral Colors Never Fail

I often find myself rushing with only a few minutes left to get ready and go to a fashion event around Beirut. Despite I am much less into events and more into private projects; I find myself often ready to go to some tightly selected events with even less time[…]

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Styling Mixed Prints

Styling ixed prints was always one of my favorite styling tasks. I love styling big mixed prints and bold ones as well. But styling prints on prints is something I never did, until I saw this print on print dress at BHV Lebanon! It was confusing! The dress already had[…]

Styling Flared Pants

I never thought I will be styling flared pants ever again! But if one observes the runways for the last few years; one can infer that international fashion designers are definitely missing the second half of the last century!! In effect, this is not the first comeback of the flared[…]

Pink Outfit

I rarely style a one color outfit, or even overdose on one color; but when it comes to this one time… I needed some happy girly bubbly energy around me after 20 days of being bed-bound, hence a pink outfit! Not that I felt I need to look silly and[…]

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Big Skirts and Big Dreams

I’ve always thought that big skirts are the dreamiest fashion pieces ever. Whenever I see big skirts -no matter what color they are- I can’t help but think of princesses and villains. This time, I decided to play around with my Mirna C in her Boutique in Gemmayze, a small[…]

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BCBG Boutique Beirut Says Yes to Pastels

Pastels are definitely Summer 2015‘s top trend. This is why BCBG boutique Beirut ‘s new collection is -in its largest part- made of candy colored pastel dresses. The collection at BCBG boutique Beirut is very versatile: Most of the pieces indeed, can cut through more or less formal occasions depending[…]

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Styling Summer Pastels

Styling summer pastels is your homework this season; and that is because pastels are the hottest trend for Spring-Summer 2015. Besides pink, baby blue is my favorite pastel color. This color has to capacity to take off years from any lady’s age and give a glow to her face. Besides[…]