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How to Add a Touch of Glamour to your Life

We are all guilty of spending precious time on Instagram, stalking and watching glamorous people, socialites, influencers and stars. Deep inside, we all want a bite of that, no matter how much we try to gloss it or conceal it. Years after joining the lifestyle & media industries; I still[…]

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A Luxury Home Decor Hub at Altus ME

When it’s about luxury… There’s never enough things to say.   In a previous article, we talked about how important is designer furniture and luxury home decor for an individual’s identity, status and self expression. But on the 23rd of May, Altus brought to life these creative spaces with an[…]

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Dress Your Address in Luxury & Style

High End Furniture, a Favorite of the Modern Jet Set   We are living in an age where lifestyle is no longer a vain consumerist expense. In fact, lifestyle has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, out of becoming the first and most important channel to express a person’s individuality[…]

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The New Definition Of Luxury

In most English dictionaries, “luxury” is defined as a life of great comfort and abundance. Coco Chanel defines it as the absence of vulgarity. And Lwren Scott defines it as a state of mind. Yet, the concept of “luxury” is a highly fluid concept. “Luxury” to some people can only[…]

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How To Be Camera Ready All The Time

It is the age of pictures: We are spending considerable amounts of time, taking editing and uploading our pictures to different social media channels; and even more time checking out what others just uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and other channels, in real time. And the more one is involved in[…]

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How To Develop Healthy Habits

We all aim one way or another to become healthier, fitter, and to adopt better and healthier daily habits. However, it is not developing healthy habits what we suffer at, but getting rid of the older bad habits. My experience in life taught be that the best way to approach both[…]

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Silkor Lebanon: The Slimming Solutions Review

As I already told you in a previous feature, I am going to tell you more about Silkor Lebanon‘s slimming solutions! I thought it through and decided to put my review in separate points that hit exactly what you need to know, without beating around the bush or sugar coating[…]

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Look Well & Feel Well With Silkor Lebanon

When I say Silkor, most of you will think of “laser solutions”; and you’re definitely right because Silkor has definitely excelled in providing top of the line hair removal solutions to both women and men in the Arab World. However since, Silkor has been expanding in several beauty and fitness[…]

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The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

لم اخطط يوماً للإلتحاق بموضة الحصول على مدربٍ خاص لنفسي؛ لأنني لطالما ظننت بأنني أعرف تماماً ماذا أفعل في النادي الرياضي. لكنني مؤخراً، بدأت أتأخر عن تدريباتي وأتكاسل عن الحفاظ على نظامي الغذائي  ورياضتي لذيك قررت أن أغير هذا النمط الفاشل؛ فبدأت بالبحث عن ما يحفذني ويجبرني على الرفع من[…]

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5 Habits That Will Slow Down Your Weight Loss

أحياناً، تكونين على المسار الصحيح في حميتك والتزامك بجلسات الرياضة بشكلٍ كامل؛ لكن بالرغم من ذلك تجدين أن خسارة الوزن عمليةٌ بطيئةٌ ومضنية. في الحقيقة، تعتمد خسارة الوزن على العديد من العوامل التي تتحكمين بها، لا علاقة لها بالرياضة أو بنوعية الطعام. إليك العادات الخمسة التي من شأنها إبطاء عملية[…]

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Morning Rituals for a Happy Day

It had been scientifically proven that starting a day on a positive happy note contributes to keeping a person in a good mood all day. I have been trying to start my days the best ways possible lately, especially that I am on a long vacation. This is why I[…]

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Fitness Tips to Avoid Summer Kilos

Summer is the season of frequent outings, parties with a lot of alcohol, ice cream, travels and fun! The worst thing ever is having to diet through summer, but at least, there ways to maintain that summer body you worked hard for. Here are 6 fitness tips that’ll get you[…]

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Queen of Procrastination: How NOT To Waste Time

If there is one flaw I am terribly flanked with, it is procrastination. Procrastination followed me since I was a college student, and seriously, is not planning to leave me any soon. And I know well that a lot of people are suffering from the same problem. Procrastination shows the[…]

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How to Deal with Anxiety

When you face a situation that throws you right away in a state of stress or sudden anxiety; you feel paralyzed and your mind starts running on a overdrive trying to process this sudden anxiety in order to find a solution to take it back to a state of balance.[…]

Pamper Your Love at Hilton Beirut This Valentine

Running out of ideas on how to pamper your love this Valentine? Hilton Beirut got it covered… At least, my Valentine with my Mystery Man was covered beautifully… Walk with me through these beautiful pictures and their captions to find out how can you get yourself and your love totally[…]

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5 Ways to Cheat on Your Diet Without Guilt

كلنا نغش خلال اعتمادنا الريجيم أو نظام غذائي معين؛ ما زلت لم التقي بأحد حتى الآن لا يغش أبداً! لكن المشكلة ليست في بعض الغش أو الأخطاء الصغيرة، بل في مدى تكرارها. من خبرتي، لا يشكل الغش على نظامك الغذائي مشكلة إذا حصل مرةً واحدة في الأسبوع؛ لكن الغش المتكرر[…]

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How to get Lighter Right Away? “Cryofit”

Science is awesome! Immediate slimming methods have become widely known, whether these immediate slimming methods rely on chemicals, on heat or on -in this case- on cold. The cold, just like heat treatments, can contribute to immediate slimming through freezing fat and redirecting it outside the body through natural mechanisms.[…]

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5 Ways to Beat Bad Days

كلنا عرضة لبعض هذه الأيام التي لا تبدو بأنها تسير جيداً. وخاصةً أنا، لا يبدو بأنني احصل على أيام عادية، بل أن أغلب أيامي إما تكون جيدة جداً أم قليلة الحظ، فلا أجد كوب قهوتي، ولا يجيدون الإهتمام بي في الصالون، لا أنجز درسي، اكسر أظافري، تمطر علي، لا أصل[…]

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Skinnier, Prettier, IMMEDIATELY!!

Who doesn’t want spa and fitness treats with immediate results? Immediate results are almost impossible to find in this industry where most goals are to be reached through a gradual building up of small increments. But whether you believe it or not; there are a few treats that can leave[…]

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A Place Where You Can Cheat Without Cheating

Who doesn’t know La Petite Maison Beirut? This special sophisticated concept that goes around excellent food and a cozy sharing experience that is La Petite Maison Beirut. After Nice, London and Dubai; Beirut was selected to have its own LPM, a place that had been here for a while but[…]

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Pretty Much a Cheater

I admit! I do cheat… And even though I have big sponsors for my diet and fitness section, I do cheat on it at times. But the most important part of the story, is that I prefer to make it count! I do cheat, and it’s freakin’ worth it every[…]

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Forget the Scale, Treat Your Cellulite

We all have cellulite. And by all, I include the many models I worked with during photoshoots, fashion shows and events. We ALL have cellulite; but of course in different proportions. How to remove cellulite is a forever question for all women; you just check “how to remove cellulite” on[…]

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Can Spabike Really Burn 800 Calories For You?

Dr Burgener Switzerland and I promised you earlier a live experience of health and fitness. But a fitness experience with Dr Burgener Switzerland is never full without their breakthrough fitness miracle in aqua sports, the Spabike!! A machine used extensively (and exclusively in Lebanon) at Dr Burgener Switzerland, the Spabike[…]

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Does Alcohol Stop Weight Loss?

This is a question I always wondered about: Does alcohol stop weight loss? This week, on the the third week of my fitness journey, I answered the famous question. So does alcohol stop weight loss? No, but it damages it quite well. I lost 700 grams this third week instead[…]

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10 Things I Cannot Live Without

We all have things we cannot live without, items we are attached to and products we use every single living day. When it comes to me, I do not have a lot of things I cannot live without, I do not get attached to a lot to things; this is[…]

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I used to Bite My Nails

All those posts on my facebook page with my fabulous, long and always perfectly manicured nails… Well I used to bite my nails. Yes, 6 years ago, back when I was 19, I used to bite my nails out of stress and they looked ugly U-G-L-Y!! But then, one day[…]

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Your Food Says a Lot About You

Food is one majorly important part of life! At that, it is definitely an important part of MY LIFE; and of course my blog taking into consideration the increadible amount of food pictures. You must be wondering why do you find food pictures included in each event’s coverage, as well[…]

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A Better Morning Routine for a Better Day

You just have no idea how much can your morning routine affect your life. These few minutes you take for yourself before you attack your work/weekend day can set the tone for the rest of the day; the morning routine is a day-setter. I love to sleep late, but no[…]

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Dieting Truth: You Will Never Stop Snacking

The truth is, there is no way to completely stop snacking. If you think you can totally stop snacking… Well, you are cheating yourself; because eventually, you will fall back. There are ways to, stop snacking, avoid un-healthy snaking and actually do less damage to your diet. -Do not keep[…]

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Fitness Hacks

I am a fitness enthusiast, I definitely am. Not your regular dieter and cardio fan; but rather more the real foodie with weight lifting sins that end up increasing instead of decreasing my measures!! Setting that aside (I consider my muscle weight cannot count against me), I’ve managed to drop[…]