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Obsessed With Historical Documentaries

Here’s one off-topic! One to talk a little about one of the most important intellectual interests I & some people have: “Historical documentaries”. Besides reading books, a lot of books, I am a sad case of wasting hours over historical documentaries. In fact there are nights where I start watching documentaries[…]

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Seven Tips To Survive In A Girls’ World -1-

Girls’ world is competitive and cruel. For unknown reasons (at least to me), spaces and industries filled with women end up as dark pits for cheap rivalries, shallow competition, little jealousies and a lot of pettiness. I am not trying to discount the genuine ladies who do indeed focus on[…]

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5 Reasons your Style is Important

Style is important, it is definitely the key word of the century. Everyone is following style icons, fashionistas, influencers, exotic stylists, “outfit of the day’ blogs, style blogs, celebrity stylists and fashion bloggers. And most often than not, they are more interested in personal style than in conceptual styling. From[…]

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Happy Mothers’ Day Though …

Let me start by saying that these mothers’ days and fathers’ days are not exactly my favorites. There’s something I do not exactly appreciate about the guilt trip I put myself on, on each of these occasions. Why? Because, simply, none of us feels what they’re doing for their parents[…]

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Winds of Change … Again

Today, I went through my previous blog post “Winds of Change”, published back in 2014… And I realized that the winds of change are changing directions again… Last I imagined in my career as a freelance luxury consultant, former regional editor/director, and influencer/blogger; that the day will come where I[…]

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Middle East Influencers & Priorities

We are living in an age where anyone with above 10 000 followers on any social media call themselves influencer. Well, good, because the definition of influencer is one topic I am leaving to another article. What I want to tackle here, is what “influencers” are trying to influence people[…]

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How To Cope With Disappointment

Disappointment is inevitable, whether in our personal lives or in our careers, there’s no way we can completely escape having some of our expectations let down. But the key in these situations is double fold: Not to let these disappointments cloud our judgments and bring us down, and learn how[…]

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الوجه الآخر لمدونات الموضة

–The English version of this article is available under the Arabic version– الوجه الآخر لمدونات الموضة مللت من كل ما أسمعه عن مدونات الموضة من إتهامات سخيفة وسطحية، لذلك اخترت إليوم أن أتكلم قليلاً عن الوجه الآخر لمدونات الموضة، إنطلاقاً من نفسي، وبإسم كل مدونات الموضة اللواتي يعانين من نفس[…]

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عندما تختار إمرأةٌ أن تنجح

عندما تقرر المرأة النجاح؛ تبتدئ مسيرة التغير. فلا أحد ينجح من خلال تكرار الروتين نفسه والأساليب نفسها ابتدأت مسيرة التدوين والصحافة منذ ثلاثة سنوات؛ كانت حقاً حافلة بالكثير من اللحظات الجميلة والمعارف الأجمل؛ لكن أجمل ما فيها، كان أنها دفعتني لإكتشاف آفاق جديدة، لن اتمكن من عبور جسورها سوى بتغيير[…]

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Fung Whatever Doesn’t Make You Happy

Fashion makes me happy, along with driving muscle cars, horseback riding and staying home alone curled up in bed with snacks and a book. These things make me happy, sometimes; this is why I’ve made of them my regular bad habits. Now here’s the thing, my main job is outside[…]

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27 Thoughts of a Woman at 27

27 Thoughts of a Woman at 27 As every birthday since the creation of this blog, I share with you lessons I learned from my life, or facts that shape me and transform me gradually into the better woman I thrive to become. In these articles, I try not to[…]

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Self Discovery Through Styling

Do you know that styling yourself everyday can be one path on your own self discovery? I never thought of it before, but your spontaneous choices when digging your wardrobe or when shopping can say a lot about you. And you can use this information to your advantage all while[…]

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On Life Keys & How to be Happy

I cannot even start counting how many bloggers and editors out there like to preach us on how to be happy. It seems that everyone and their grandmother have their own preach-worthy (NOT) own formula. Finding happiness, is not something someone behind their screen can teach you. Period. This is[…]

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On Body Image and Self Confidence

Let me start this post by stating I am clearly not your typical thin & tall fashion person. In fact, I am slightly curvy. Maybe not so slightly. I break a lot of fashion rules, sometimes for the heck of it; but some other times because I do not want[…]

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Eid Wishes

Well first of all, Fitr Mubarak, and may this Eid bring you all the blessings you’ve ever wished for. But for me, I have a different set of Eid wishes for my readers this time: -May you recognize and appreciate the blessings you already have, before asking for new ones.[…]

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7 Types of People You Can Never Be Friends With

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in my inspiration section. Not that I haven’t been inspired to write anything about self growth or life, but because I have been processing quite a few things in my mind. Things that I will start to share as of this week;[…]

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10 Mistakes I Won’t Repeat in 2015

So here it is, the season for new year’s resolutions that never materialize. But this year, instead of making a list of all the things I will probably never achieve until 2027, I decided to replace my new year’s resolutions with a set of good mean DON’TS. Why? Because new[…]

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Let’s Misbehave

I did it on purpose, I do everything on purpose, faux pas aren’t my thing. So what about you take your victorian prude attitude and try to sell it somewhere where it actually, possibly, might have some value??? My say: So I decided to break the mold for a moment;[…]

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Turning 26… Less Than Perfect

So I am 26 now, a full 26 and I am still less than perfect. We all have this one age with big expectations; and there is no bigger disappointment than being less than perfect by that time. I can only thank God I am less than perfect, and not[…]

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A Life Revealed

I am not into preaching, nor into lecturing… I only want you to read “A Life Revealed”; this 29 years old story in its first episode, 12 years in its second, and think how blessed you are. I just couldn’t not share this with you… “A Life Revealed” Her eyes[…]

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10 Reasons to Love Beirut

I love Beirut. With its pollution, traffic and mess; I love Beirut. And I love Beirut for a million reasons; some I can pinpoint, and most I can’t. This post is just a passing tribute to the one city that’s ever alive, through it all, and despite it all. -I[…]

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When Life Gives You CURVES Flaunt Them

Yes, this is another blog post about “Curvy Women”. Those gorgeous curvy women always under the most extreme of pressures from both the mass media and their peers. Ladies, when life gives you curves, flaunt them! I am not telling you that it is okay to be fat, I am[…]


Sunsets are the long day’s way to give us a moment of beauty and peace. Sunsets are the mind’s opportunity to give up overworking and wander for a moment. Sunsets are nature’s way to bring in beauty to any place, no matter how aesthetically inadequate it is; because sunsets have[…]

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Winds of Change

This is not just an inspiration post. It is about time to change; and I know I and everyone else tend to say that a lot. But it is truly time to change; and this inspiration post is here for the sole reason of reminding me of what’s important. Life[…]

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Days in the Sun… And a Turn Back

We all need those days in the sun, so never skip your healthy dose of time off by the beach; I mean it, never skip spending days in the sun. In fact, life has gotten way too stressful lately; just too much work, too much meetings, too much to attend[…]

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Colorful Life

One reason why I love the fashion world, is that it is highly colorful. As a fashion blogger and fashion editor, I find the most interesting aspect of my job is how colorful and varied it is; it comes in the colors of an energetic fashion world. We deal with[…]

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7 Things Every Girl Needs to do in the Morning

This is not a motivational post, not a beauty tutorial; I am not trying to teach you anything nor trying to twist your view of the world with some deep far-fetched philosophy. I am just telling you more about 7 small motivational things I do everyday in the morning, and[…]

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Do You Have Your Own Style

No. I am serious, that’s my answer: No I don’t. Through my short involvement in the fashion world, I have found out that I can be truly eclectic. I’d go from romantic to rough & masculine; and from classic to totally edgy; and I’d oscillate back and forth between different[…]

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Fashion Blogger Gone Naked

So I am a fashion and beauty blogger, but before that, I’ve been a fashion & glam lover for quite a while. One who almost never goes out without a dose of outfit glam and makeup. A real “real” glam lover. The bling bling can get overdone, and it might[…]

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Reflections on Blogging

I’ve been blogging for two months now, and to the most honest of statements: I am so glad I already started blogging. Some reflections on blogging had been on my mind for a while, and at some point, I had to spare the time and write them down. I was[…]