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How to Pick the Correct Pair of Heels

It’s been a while since I posted a tutorial on my blog. I’ve missed useful posts! I get a lot of questions about my heels, especially that I tend to pick 13cm+ heels all the time and actually can walk in them (on straight floor at least, they’re not made[…]

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How To Prep Up Your Fashion Sense

-Taking some inspiration from Olivia Palermo’s fashion sense-    Sun is up, but the weather is weird. Everyone is chilling. Style is the thing. Beirut is always on fire and you’re really really really bored with the same look you’ve been carrying along since senior year. It is a good time to[…]

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How to Save Time on Styling Yourself

So you have this one big event coming up and the last thing you want is to lose time on styling yourself or to get lost in your wardrobe mess at the very last minute as you are getting dressed. The latter, is just one example women face while working on[…]

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10 Tips To Help You Look Preppy

“Preppy” is an adjective characterizing a private clique of American high society that is noticeable for being ultra modern, urban chic and very elegant. In this article, I want to touch on how to become preppy. But before learning how to become preppy, it is worthy to ask: What is preppy?[…]

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Trending Colors of Fall 2016

This year too, the trending colors are falling within the medium shades, no color is too fade nor too intense; it is the revival of the soft and classy. Below are the ten trending colors of fall 2016, I hope you find your favorite colors among them. هذا العام أيضاً،[…]

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patricia issa

Fashion Advice from an Influencer -2-

 -2- نصائح الموضة  إن كان الجميع يرتديه، فأنت لست مضطرة إلى اللحاق بهم … حاولي الحفاظ على ستايل خاص بك قدر الإمكان لتتفردي دائماً   المؤثرين في عالم الموضة ليسوا بالضرورة شخصيات تليفزيونية أو فشنيستا مشهورات؛ إذا كان ستايلك يدير الرؤوس فأنت أيضاً مؤثرة في محيطك    إن كنت لا تستطيعين[…]

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patricia issa

Fashion Advice from an Influencer -1-

 -1-  نصائح الموضة  أخرجي من دون مكياج من وقت لآخر … لا نريد للناس أن ينسوا وجهك  الحقيقي  إستفيقي واشربي قهوتك أولاً ومن ثم رائحة العطور  … الفكرة هنا أن تقطتعي وقتاً لنفسك   بنطال الجينز مع القميص البيضاء العادية لا بأس بهم أحياناً … استرخي ولا تتركي هوسك بالموضة يسيطر[…]

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Ramadan Shopping

Ramadan Shopping Cravings

Ramadan Kareem!! So here’s Ramadan shopping again and the perfect time of the year for modest fashion, subtle elegance and classy ladylike cuts. My three rules for fashion during Ramadan are pretty simple: 1- Keep your clothes very modest while accentuating patterns, colors and fluid cuts. 2- Focus on the opacity[…]

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colors of summer 2016

Trending Colors for Summer 2016

Just like every season, I am bringing you on my blog the trending colors for summer 2016 from the latest Pantone reports. This summer we are pretty lucky, as the most beautiful two feminine colors are the top two trending colors of the season: 1- Rose Quartz: A beautiful light[…]

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مدونات الموضة

Accessorizing Like A Pro

Accessorizing is definitely the last but most important part in putting an outfit together. Jewelry and other accessories are what make or break a final look; because they have the power to either perfectly complement an outfit, or totally clash with it and bring it down. This is why, accessorizing[…]

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Queen For A Night

Every girl dreams of being a queen; even if only for a night. So for the launching of her Media & PR concept “Orchidea by Rita”, the lovely Rita Mansour decided to give about 30 ladies from the print and online media this dream to close 2015 on a royal[…]

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fashion christmas gifts

Fashion Christmas Gifts for Your Fashionista Friend

And for your fashion obsessed sister or best friend; you must absolutely make sure your fashion Christmas gifts are nothing short of adequate!! Here are my latest fashion crushes, that can serve perfectly as Christmas Gifts for your fashionistas: .ولصديقتك المقربة، أو أختك المهووسة بالموضة، عليكي إختيار هدية لعيد الميلاد[…]

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fancy scarves

Why is a SIN Sarakbi Nahas Scarf an Absolute Must Have?

Fashion must-haves are items that you can’t or shouldn’t be without in your wardrobe. With the evolution of the fashion industry, some must-haves disappeared to be replaced by others. And in modern times, the concept of a must-have has become very very personal, specifically with the emerging of the “personal[…]

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تنسيق ملابس

Style & The Weather

Those who know me well; know that the weather is never on my radar when I am trying to pick a style for an event or just a day out. Now of course, I can tell the difference between a sand storm and a snow storm; but I usually select[…]

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patricia issa

Talking to Moe Shour

The other day; I attended the brunch Moe Shour organized for the lunch of his new collection “Eden Shades”. It was my very first visit to the boutique in Downtown Beirut and I have to say I was impressed with both the designer and his designs. The Moe Shour ss15[…]

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10 reasons you are not a fashionista

10 Reasons You Are NOT A Fashionista

Despite being in the fashion industry myself, I think the definition of fashionista is being abused. The definition of fashionista is even abused by me sometimes. And the thing is, even though I doubt there is a strict cut definition of fashionista; that everyone claims to be one. Suddenly, everyone[…]

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Your Guide to Effective Shopping

  If you are anything like me, then you go shopping with a clear idea of what you want to buy (normally what you truly need) and come back with everything you do not need. Where was my shopping guide tutorial when I needed it?? Lots of your new items[…]

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how to style colors

Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Color styling is the first thing we tend to think about when we talk about “styling”. And is usually also the first thing we tend to remember about someone’s outfit! Colors are also a sensitive area of fashion; and the area where most of us tend to make big mistakes.[…]

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beach wardrobe

How to be Stylish on the Beach

If you’re all things Beirut! Then you know that you can’t escape being scrutinized for style even on the beach; you gotta be stylish on the beach! Fashionicia decided to follow you there and bring you a few guidelines to stay in style while soaking up some sun! Stylish on[…]

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closet spring cleaning

How to Keep Your Closet Neat & Organized

It is that time of the year again; me in front of my closet! We need all last Summer’s swimwear, summer dresses, tiny party dresses and sandals; but since we already shopped for some new ones, your closet and my closet are in a huge mess, and we cannot find[…]

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anna dello russo style

7 Steps to Become a Fashion Avant Gardiste

-Taking inspiration from the one and only Anna Dello Russo for this one- Being a trend-setter or avant gardiste is the job of the socialites, starts and celebrities. But we can still be fashion avant gardiste! Always fashion forward, innovators and on top of the fashion game!! It is one[…]

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how to be sexy tutorial

How to Walk the Line Between Sexy & Trashy

Ladies, yes it is a new fashion advice post! We all have seen these desperate attempts to look sexy that end up more on the over-done side of style. Getting caught in a few delicate details can cause us to cross the line, and end up losing the classy edge.[…]

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how to become elegant

How to Become Elegant a la Chanel

I am not the classic fashionista; but I really appreciate those who are.  So ladies with a flair for the classic fashionista style; this post is for you. Chanel is the name, “expensive simplicity” is the game and the signature of every classic fashionista. In this post, which is also[…]

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1- That bag every single girl, her grandma and dog already have. My fashion advice number 1 forever! 2- That “IT” lipstick color everyone had been wearing over the season. 3- That iPhone cover everyone is coveting even though it couldn’t get uglier and trashier. My fashion advice that’s going[…]

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Fashion Style by Zodiac Sign

Fashionistas, I am sure a lot of you already follow up their horoscope! I found this cute article that define each sign’s fashion style and I thought of sharing it with you. Aries – They love the color red. They also like to wear the latest fashions and don’t mind standing[…]

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Travel With Me – Shop in France

Took a two weeks trip to Southern France (Cote D’azur) for my birthday this year. It was a much needed break from an over-worked year. I visited some places where I’ve never been before in France, but also shopped a lot and gained a couple kilos!! Won’t be long, I[…]

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