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Why You Should Buy Into These BENEFIT-s??

Benefit Cosmetics Lebanon, yes they’re here! A brand most of you already know from their travels abroad and their American friends. A brand most of us love for their organic creative and super girly approach to almost everything. Now besides breaking the news to you, which I already did on my[…]

Make Up For Ever - Middle East

A Picture Perfect Makeup by Make Up For Ever

We live in a highly graphic world; every moment used to count, now every picture on social media counts! People no longer dress up for occasions, but rather for Instagram! A picture perfect makeup is no longer an option, but a necessity; not only for stars and TV personalities but[…]

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On Women Who Wear A Lot Of Makeup

I hear a lot on women who wear a lot of makeup. -She must be insecure. -She must have a lot to hide. -She must be too ugly under all of these layers… You name it, I heard it. But how can we reconcile our views of the ladies who[…]

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Quality is Everything – Shiseido Skincare

I use different brands and labels for my makeup products. But when it comes to skincare essentials, these are stuff we can’t mess with. Skincare products can make or break your face, literally, because no makeup or look is ever well done without a greatly maintained healthy skin: Hence, quality[…]

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, A New Favorite

I am obsessing with makeup lately, especially that I have been reshuffling my makeup counter and adding plenty of new products to it. Today, I want to share with you my new obsession with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet a creamy lipstick that goes with me to every single busy day[…]

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Artist Plexi Gloss, an Ultra Glamorous Makeup Choice

I am not a lip gloss person in general, so unless we are talking about a truly exceptional experience, I always side with matte creamy lip sticks or regular lipsticks with moderate shine. However, I was pretty tempted to cross this shiny border and experiment with Artist Plexi Gloss, from[…]

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Combined Beauty Routines

As a fashion editor and a blogger, you guessed it, I get a lot of beauty products and gifts to test and review. My beauty routines are never synchronized and I am always jumping from one routine to the other, every time I have something new to talk about. But[…]

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Tips for a Perfect Retro Makeup

A simple retro makeup is always a good choice. Why? Because it can be made to fit any situation, any occasion and any outfit. There’s no makeup I can think of, besides no-makeup makeup, that can be as versatile as the black eyeliner + red lips makeup. Assuming you are[…]

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Summer Makeup

There’s always this one makeup we all tend to do every day, or whenever we do not really want to think of an alternative or a specific makeup for a special occasion. My often go-to summer makeup is the typical bronzed summer makeup with all its shimmer and glow, by[…]

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New Summer Makeup Tips

Summer makeup tips are going to flood the internet in a blink of an eye; now that it’s already summer hot and we’re all ready to rock it! My summer makeup tips though, will focus on the IT makeup trends and how to use them during summer all while avoiding[…]

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Pro Bronze Fusion

It is summer already! Maybe not technically, but it is definitely summer! And there’s nothing better than having your summer bronzers sent just in time by one of the best makeup brands out there “Make Up For Ever”. “Pro Bronze Fusion” is the new edition of bronzers at Make Up[…]

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Feel Good Makeup

After exactly a week of my minor surgery, and 7 full days living between my bedroom and the kitchen; I needed to finally wake up and makeup! The truth is I am tired, I am sick, I am home-bound and I desperately need to get out of this mode. The[…]


Eros Pour Femme by Versace

I love trying out new perfumes, and the latest on my long list is Eros Pour Femme by Versace. Eros Pour Femme by Versace was launched in Beirut a couple of days ago, almost simultaneously with being launched in Europe and all over the world. Those who know me, know[…]

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Dare to Try Anything Once: Retro Styles

If you are a true fashionista, then you know you must try anything at least once. You never know what catches. Retro styles were never my thing. Retro stylesin both hair and makeup do not reflect who I am or what I believe I represent. But then again, I had[…]

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A Lush Vacation

It had been a love affair with Lush Cosmetics since I was introduced to the brand in October 2013. Lush Cosmetics are an easily spot-able constant in my house as you can smell the products while walking in between the rooms. I have a Lush product or a pretty Lush[…]

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5 Good Reasons to Get a Tan

الصيف بات قريباً جداً وأنا لطالما أحببت أن اتمتع بسمرة برونزية خلال الصيف!! وبما انني بيضاء البشرة، يشكل السمار بالنسبة إلي حلاً للعديد من المشاكل  ويسهل علي الكثير من الأمور الجمالية في حياتي إليكي خمس طرق تجعل فيها السمرة البرونزية حياتك أسهل ١ – السمرة تعطيك تألقاً واضحاً وتجعلك تبدين[…]

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6 Steps to Recover from Excess Tanning

Excess tanning is very dangerous to the skin. And since I cannot avoid it because, well, I am better at giving advice than taking it; I am always facing emergency scenarios related to excess tanning. But with time, I also learned how to handle these cases whenever they strike; usually[…]

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Latest Beauty Crushes

I am always trying out new beauty products; it’s almost my obsession. Whether it is about awesome gifts from the brands I love, or the items I keep ticking off of my shopping list, new beauty products are always on my rotating counter. Of late, I’ve been quite fond of[…]

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Strong Makeup is for Strong Women

I heard almost everything about strong makeup. But the two arguments that are usually used the most are: Strong makeup is for insecure women; and its total opposite statement that strong makeup is for bold confident women. In my opinion, there’s some truth to both statement. Some insecure women wear[…]

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The 10 Rules of Shopping for Makeup

التسوق في متاجر المكياج غالباً ما ينتهي بعدم إستعمال أغلبية ما نشتري. وذلك لأن المكياج شهي كالطعام في علبه المزخرفة والفخمة؛ ولأن التسوق من متاجر المكياج غالباً ما يكون للتسلية لا للحاجة. لذيك، غالباً ما ننتهي مع كميات كبيرة من مستحضرات المكياج التي لا نحتاجها؛ مقابل بضع المستحضرات التي نستعملها[…]

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Top 10 Red Lipsticks of all Times

Red is the color of love, and red lipstick is the first choice for Valentine every single year!! This Valentine; well you guessed it, I am going red lipstick as well. In this mini report, I am presenting you with the top 10 red lipsticks of all times. I haven’t[…]

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A Beauty Routine That’ll Change Your Life

I can never stress daily beauty routines ever enough; because no matter how much you take care of your skin at the spa occasionally; it is the daily beauty routine that will show you the real results over time. The real and lasting changes to the skin are those you[…]

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6 Ways You Can Use Olive Oil as a Beauty Product

Olive oil is one of the best offerings of nature in terms of both health and skincare, because olive oil contains many acids and active ingredients that make it one of the healthy choices for food and most used product in moisturizers and hair care lines. Our olive oil in[…]

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5 Good Reasons to Wear Dark Lipstick

Is this black? Dark burgundy? Deep purple? Why do you wear such dark lipstick? Are you emo? NO. It’s IN fashion. But I don’t know if you noticed (I certainly did) that people have to stare when you wear dark lipstick. So people know dark colors are in, people know[…]

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Lose the Extra Makeup … PLEASE

A post about how to lose the extra makeup might sound counter intuitive to me, because I am into makeup (sometimes extra makeup) and dark shades. But the idea of extra makeup has nothing to do with colors, but the exaggeration in the overall makeup. To me, you can wear[…]

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How to Get the Perfect Tan in Eight Days

I am a big fan of tanned skin; no so much of dry skin, burnt skin or breakouts; so by experience, I’ve learned how to get the perfect tan in a little more than a week without causing terrible damage to my skin. I’ve been asking myself for about 5[…]

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When You Try Clarisonic First

Clarisonic! You must have heard of this cleansing brush that had been taking the world by storm; so after attending a mini-conf all about it in Le Gray Hotel with team L’Oreal Lebanon; it was time to put this electric facial cleanser to the test back in the comfort of[…]

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A Summer Perfume by Viktor & Rolph

In a cute fuchsia package, I received my Bonbon perfume from Viktor and Rolph (thank you for the gift)! As beautiful as the package, was the scent of Bonbon perfume I’ve been using religiously over the last few days! The Bonbon perfume by the two eccentric designers comes in a[…]

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5 Tips to Get Super Hard Nails

We all love having long hard nails and that fabulous full manicure. However most people do get weak and brittle nails; or end up with a nail or two breaking throughout trying to get there. So how do you get long and hard nails? I will tell you a secret;[…]

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How to Protect Your Hair at The Beach

It is the season to spend under the sun; and under the sun means not only skin damage, but also some serious damage to the hair. Under such a weather, you should definitely protect your skin, and most definitely protect your hair. Heat and dryness of weather have some serious[…]

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Sephora Body Lotions

A classic on my beauty counter, Sephora body lotions. I always buy Sephora body lotions when I travel, for they combine two features I’d appreciate finding in all body lotions: 1-They actually moisturize the skin, 2-They are heavenly scented. Most body lotions with a great scent do not really moisturize;[…]

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How to Apply Makeup Fast

Morning messes, I am coming to the rescue! On university or workdays, I tend to wake up in a rush and start looking everywhere for my stuff, morning makeup products and clothes; and I’ll let you imagine the mess! To save you part of the morning hassle I always go[…]