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Celebrity Hair in Six Months with Hairtone

When was the last time you styled yourself for a glam night while leaving your hair all natural? Have you ever noticed how styling your hair tends to be the most important part of your look? A stylish outfit, makeup and ten accessories put together cannot cover for a bad[…]

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عندما تتمكن “ناتورال كولاجين إنفينسيا” من إستعادة سنواتك خلال اسبوعين فقط

بعد سنة أو أكثر بقليل، سأبلغ الثلاثين، وهذا لن يسبب لي سوى المزيد من القلق على بشرتي والرغبة بإستعادة البعض من إشراقة أوائل العشرينات. أدري أيضاً، أنها حالة أغلبية النساء حول العالم في بحثهن عن أفضل مستحضرات إزالة أثار التقدم في العمر اغلبيتنا لا يدري حقاً الحقائق العلمية وراء التقدم[…]

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14 Days to Stronger Nails with HEROME

Imagine having those strong nails, that do not chip, do not break and can be shaped anyway you like, whenever you want. Imagine you do not have to wear any nail tips, gel, shellac or any other type of fake nails. Now imagine having soft transparent cuticles you do not[…]

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How to Repair Severely Damaged Hair

I have been brown to blond and vice versa for the past two years. Needless to say, this has left me with less than perfect hair that is beautiful in terms of color and style; yet very very tired when it comes to texture and resistance. Colored hair is definitely[…]

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A New Beauty Holy Grail: Photoderm Nude Touch

It’s a summer morning: Wake up. Cleanse your face. Apply your moisturizer. Apply your sunscreen. Apply your foundation, and go ahead with the rest of your makeup. Or did the layers just get too thick, and will probably be melting before lunch? You get the idea, wearing this much skincare[…]

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Dubai With Batiste

So I’ve been away for a while with a strict decision to do nothing but what matters, and attend nothing but what I believe to be interesting and value added. And then, one of my favorite brands “Batiste” invited me with a friend to “Dubai” to attend their new launch![…]

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The Makeup Tips You Will Always Need

Ladies, I know we all read makeup tips everywhere, and are most likely going to watch them on Instagram as well. But the basics are always the same and what we need to know ultimately boils down to a set of a few tips that are essential and timeless.  […]

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Feel22: Feel the Beauty & Get a Discount Too!

I am giving all my readers and followers 10% automatic discounts on everything makeup, skincare, perfumes and beauty products purchased and delivered in Lebanon, including all brands! But first… The story: Arab beauty bloggers and Lebanese beauty bloggers are taking social media by storm. What we know for sure, is[…]

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My Latest Beauty Favorites

As you know by now, being an influencer has its perks! We get to try out a lot of new beauty products!! For me, this is a chance to let you know of my own beauty favorites, why would you love them too, is it worthy to buy them and[…]

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The Caudalie Resveratrol Range

Caudalie -Paris-, the skincare brand that has been growing at a rate of 100% in the Middle East for the last few years, finally released the much awaited Resveratrol [Lift] anti-aging range. And even though I am not exactly at the age where I am supposed to be regularly using[…]

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Summer Beauty Hacks for Your Hot Travels

Packing for travel is a girl’s serious summer nightmare! Most of the ladies I know, including myself, always end up with too much of what they will never need or that they can go without in their luggage! In a previous post, I talked about over-packing and provided tips to[…]

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Summer Body Peeling

In this article, I will teach you how to prepare and use an essential oils summer body peeling that’ll make your body’s skin literally glow all summer long.   I get too many questions about my skin, especially about my body’s skin that’s always super soft and glowing. The truth[…]

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7 Tips for a Flawless Makeup Every Time

We are being bombarded everyday by endless makeup tutorials on Instagram. Professional makeup artists with flawless makeup looks, are making it look super simple to come off as polished as they are. But the truth behind the 15 seconds videos, isn’t that simple. Here are 7 makeup tips that’ll help[…]

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A Tan With Benefits

Searching for the perfect bronzer was always one of my makeup missions; until I found “Hoola” by “Benefit Cosmetics”. I have been using it for about a year now, and I must say it’s unbeatable. The “Hoola” range by “Benefit Cosmetics” is not limited to the “Hoola” bronzer. This summer,[…]

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A Morning Beauty Ritual With Bioderma

Those who know how to take care of their skin, know that we need to cleanse, moisturize, and protect it by day and by night. Us, people with mostly greasy skin, are more keen on observing this ritual to keep our skins’ sebum under control and keep it from shining[…]

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Porefessional Primers For A Flawless Makeup

It is summer already; and to be honest, I do have a combination skin which also means a shiny face, or worse, a shiny makeup if I don’t have the correct primers and foundations on. But since “Benefit Cosmetics” got me pretty well covered; they also have the most perfect formula[…]

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Coffee Scrubs to Get Rid of Cellulite

I am sure you all heard of the famous “coffee scrubs” claiming to remove cellulite; and since cellulite is one problem I do suffer from relatively -just like 99% of women-, I decided to test this claim myself and bring you both the method and the results of this treatment.[…]

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Benefit Brow Products An Ongoing Obsession

I am yet to meet someone who’s not in love with Benefit San Francisco Brow Bar or the most famous “Browzings” brow shaping kit! But in this small review, I want to introduce you to more Benefit brow products you will end up obsessing over as well! In a previous[…]

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Unusual Beauty Tips

خلال مسيرتي الطويلة كمدونة للموضة، تعرفت على الكثير من مستحضرات التجميل والعناية بالبشرة وجربتها. وبما أنني أحب المغامرة وحتى على حساب أن تتعرض بشرتي للأذى أحيانا؛ تعلمت الكثير من الحيل التي لا يعرفها الجميع عن العناية بالبشرة، سأشارككم ثلاث منها في هذا المقال During my time as a fashion and[…]

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Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion with Silkor

As you know, I regularly take care of my skin; besides daily and weekly routines, I visit spas and always try the most breakthrough technology. The treatments I am interested in the most are usually safe peelings and rejuvenating treatments. This time, Silkor Team invited me to try the new[…]


Benefit Cosmetics x Fashionicia Makeup Party

Keeping it short and based on pictures, this is to thank all those who made it to my Benefit Cosmetics  x Fashionicia makeup party to launch the new They’re Real Tinted Primer!! The amazing product by Benefit is reviewed in a previous post HERE. Catch the pictures of the event[…]

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How to Use Argan Oil for Your Hair

Moroccan Argan oil is one of the best treatments for the hair, it restores shine, prevents breakage and strengthen the hair from roots to tips while preventing split ends. I’ve been using Argan oil for a while now, and it’s done well especially with my colored hair. If you are[…]

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Beauty Christmas Gifts for Your Beautista Friend

We all have this one friend who’s a total junkie when it comes to beauty products! And now, that it’s the season for gifts’ giving; it’s time to pull out our inner Santa helper!! Here are my suggestions for beauty Christmas gifts for all our beautistas out there: كلنا لدينا[…]

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Why You Should Buy Into These BENEFIT-s??

Benefit Cosmetics Lebanon, yes they’re here! A brand most of you already know from their travels abroad and their American friends. A brand most of us love for their organic creative and super girly approach to almost everything. Now besides breaking the news to you, which I already did on my[…]