How Black Can Respond to All Styling Needs

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I can’t even remember how many times I’ve written about black and styling black pieces. It’s amazing how luxurious and versatile this color is. And not less amazing how handy it comes under different circumstances.

My advice for every woman out there, is to have one high quality black piece of everything, especially blazers, pencil skirts, basic tops, classic cut pants, leather jackets and of course little black dresses. In fact, not having a black version of the aforementioned pieces, means your wardrobe is lacking essentials.

The serious styling needs for key black pieces are numerous:

  • Formal meeting = black blazer
  • Presentation = black pencil skirt or classic black pants
  • Funeral = well obviously a full black outfit
  • Wedding = when all else fails, a little black dress
  • Party = another little black dress
  • No clue of the dress-code = a little black dress or black smart suit
  • A day to night situation = a little black dress or a denim and a black blazer, another good idea is a black top with black pants.

The list can go on and on, but the point remains that black is one of the key colors in a wardrobe. It is true that all of the outfits of the formerly mentioned situations can be styled using any other color; but no color will be as luxurious, easily styled and versatile as black.

Below, you can see me in black through three different outfits! If you like them, you can always follow @ThePrivateShopper on Instagram where you can shop my choices!! 

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lebanese influencers


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lebanese influencers


fashion beauty influuencers middle east


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