A Lush Vacation

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It had been a love affair with Lush Cosmetics since I was introduced to the brand in October 2013. Lush Cosmetics are an easily spot-able constant in my house as you can smell the products while walking in between the rooms. I have a Lush product or a pretty Lush box in every single corner of my bathrooms and my bedroom; Lush Lebanon is totally where I get more craving than Laduree!

Of late, Lush Lebanon decided to chase an early Summer with me to Sharm El-Sheikh; so I packed my new Lush goodies in Beirut to give them a try under the burning sun, somewhere in the middle of the Red Sea.

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This time, our focus was on sun protection and skin repair in terms of moisturization, but also on trying out a few makeup products I never got the chance to try out before.

Below in this review, you will find my true opinion of each of the Lush Lebanon products I tried out in Egypt one by one, my favorites and recommendations:

-Enzymion: Enzymion is your next face moisturizer. I promise. And if there is one product I want to start any Lush review with, it is this one. I have a combination skin, which means that I cannot afford to use a moisturizer that leaves traces or isn’t absorbed within minutes. Enzymon then, has all the answer: It’s light formula is easily absorbed into the skin, it vanishes within a minute, but most importantly it provides the same level of moisturization as a thick heavy 24 hrs moisturizer. It is also perfect to use as a base for makeup, and on hot days as it doesn’t have the slightest hint of greasiness in it.

-Dream Cream: This is currently my favorite body lotion as well. Dream Cream is a thick formula based on Oat Milk. Perfect for skin protection, especially after sun exposure; Dream Cream restores the skin’s natural balance after it had been dried and damaged by the sun and other natural elements. I have noticed that the healing takes place overnight; so I would recommend using it before you sleep. This lotion literally kept my skin from drying and breaking throughout all my vacation under the sun and in salted water.

-Shimmy Shimmy Bar: On the glamorous side of “healthy”, no tan is ever perfect without a dose of shimmer; this is why I am a big fan of shimmery solid creams at Lush Lebanon. Shimmy Shimmy was my way of keeping my body moisturized and shimmery at the same time. The solid cream bars are easy to use, and some, like Shimmy Shimmy also function as a glamorous body shimmer. The shimmer is subtle, in a way that can easily pass during the day as well. Keep is away from the heat, and use it the most around the neck, upper arms, and cleavage. Just SEXY!

-Brazilliant: Solid shampoos were the newest addition to the products I am just learning to use. And to be franc, probably I will continue using as the advantages are numerous: For starter, they are small and convenient to carry, they last forever and finally they smell divine and will make your bathroom smell divine. Brazilliant is the orange solid shampoo that’s a summer edition of itself; it’ll help you manage your curly hair; and since my hair is neither wavy nor straight; this shampoo helped me keeping it under control after long days on the boat or the beach!

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-Tropical Jungle Conditioner: This is the natural step after shampoo, especially if your hair is being subjected to a lot of sun and wind. This solid conditioner bar looks and smells organic; but what I truly loved about it, is the fact that the moisturizing effect on the hair can be directly observed. Just the right amount of after sun repair you need. I confess I didn’t know how to use it first; but I just let it slightly melt then directly applied to my hair. The combination of using this conditioner bar with the taming solid shampoo meant I never had to lose time trying to tame my crazy hair in the heat.

-Sesame Suntan Lotion: And now let’s talk about another super favorite!! This lotion based on sesame oil is your next summer must have. MUST HAVE!! Not only it will help your body tan beautifully and evenly, but you won’t get a sunburn and smell edible all while being completely protected. Due to its high moisturizing effects; this lotion can also be used as an after sun lotion. 2 in 1 products are nothing new to Lush though! I completely credit this lotion for the amazing tan I am currently enjoying!!!

During this vacation, I also got to discover the amazing makeup range by Lush… But this would be another story, so stay tuned!

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Glamorously Yours;