A Black Jumpsuit Will Always Do

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Time is scarce and we all want the kind of items that can function as quick fashion fixes in any situation. To me, jumpsuits can be great, but black jumpsuits are perfect.

Black jumpsuits are very versatile; on one hand they can be accessorized in a million way, and on the other hand they can be cross seasonal items. Black jumpsuits can even be labeled as top essentials in today’s closets, because they can be twisted and turned from day items, to night items; and from casual items to chic wardrobe staples.

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For this look, I chose to transform a dark black jumpsuit to a spring piece through plenty of colors: A hot pink pump, a royal blue bag and an intense multi-colored scarf. You will find every single item of this look at BHV Citymall; the spring collection -though centered on pastels- also carries a lot of chic pieces for the lovers of dark colors and intense colored accessories.

Glamorously Yours;