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Paris Like a Local

I’ve been to Paris before, more than once… And I’ve already developed all the good habits of a typical Arab tourist in Paris. Except that… cities become really interesting when you get to see them like locals do; and when you get to discover little gems here and there; gems[…]

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لماذا تحب سيدات المجتمع والمؤثرات في لبنان ناتورال كولاجين إنفينسيا

إعطاء رأيي بأحد مستحضرات التجميل ليس مسألة تجربة واحدة. في الواقع، من المهم جداً تجربة المنتج لأكثر من شهر لأتمكن من تحديد نتائجه البعيدة المدى أو حتى الأضرار التي يمكن أن تنتج عنه كما تعلمون إلى الآن من مدونتي ووسائل التواصل الإجتماعي، “ناتورال كولاجين إنفينسيا” هو مستحضري المفضل حالياً لمقاومة[…]

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Obsessed With Historical Documentaries

Here’s one off-topic! One to talk a little about one of the most important intellectual interests I & some people have: “Historical documentaries”. Besides reading books, a lot of books, I am a sad case of wasting hours over historical documentaries. In fact there are nights where I start watching documentaries[…]

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Celebrity Hair in Six Months with Hairtone

When was the last time you styled yourself for a glam night while leaving your hair all natural? Have you ever noticed how styling your hair tends to be the most important part of your look? A stylish outfit, makeup and ten accessories put together cannot cover for a bad[…]

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On the Art of Simplicity

Simplicity is key, and this art of simplicity is something that some fashionistas ace, while other still need a couple of tweaks and turns to get. I have to admit that the art of being simple for me, can be credited directly to my laziness (mostly); then to my disdain[…]

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Seven Tips To Survive In A Girls’ World -1-

Girls’ world is competitive and cruel. For unknown reasons (at least to me), spaces and industries filled with women end up as dark pits for cheap rivalries, shallow competition, little jealousies and a lot of pettiness. I am not trying to discount the genuine ladies who do indeed focus on[…]

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عندما تتمكن “ناتورال كولاجين إنفينسيا” من إستعادة سنواتك خلال اسبوعين فقط

بعد سنة أو أكثر بقليل، سأبلغ الثلاثين، وهذا لن يسبب لي سوى المزيد من القلق على بشرتي والرغبة بإستعادة البعض من إشراقة أوائل العشرينات. أدري أيضاً، أنها حالة أغلبية النساء حول العالم في بحثهن عن أفضل مستحضرات إزالة أثار التقدم في العمر اغلبيتنا لا يدري حقاً الحقائق العلمية وراء التقدم[…]

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How to Add a Touch of Glamour to your Life

We are all guilty of spending precious time on Instagram, stalking and watching glamorous people, socialites, influencers and stars. Deep inside, we all want a bite of that, no matter how much we try to gloss it or conceal it. Years after joining the lifestyle & media industries; I still[…]

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A Luxury Home Decor Hub at Altus ME

When it’s about luxury… There’s never enough things to say.   In a previous article, we talked about how important is designer furniture and luxury home decor for an individual’s identity, status and self expression. But on the 23rd of May, Altus brought to life these creative spaces with an[…]

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14 Days to Stronger Nails with HEROME

Imagine having those strong nails, that do not chip, do not break and can be shaped anyway you like, whenever you want. Imagine you do not have to wear any nail tips, gel, shellac or any other type of fake nails. Now imagine having soft transparent cuticles you do not[…]

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Neutral Colors Edgy Styles

When you start something with the word “neutral“, it might look to some people as if what’s coming next is boring, classic or dull and plain. Well, NO. In fashion, some of the edgiest and most interesting styles can be created with the most neutral colors and their different shades.[…]

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Dress Your Address in Luxury & Style

High End Furniture, a Favorite of the Modern Jet Set   We are living in an age where lifestyle is no longer a vain consumerist expense. In fact, lifestyle has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, out of becoming the first and most important channel to express a person’s individuality[…]

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How to Repair Severely Damaged Hair

I have been brown to blond and vice versa for the past two years. Needless to say, this has left me with less than perfect hair that is beautiful in terms of color and style; yet very very tired when it comes to texture and resistance. Colored hair is definitely[…]

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5 Reasons your Style is Important

Style is important, it is definitely the key word of the century. Everyone is following style icons, fashionistas, influencers, exotic stylists, “outfit of the day’ blogs, style blogs, celebrity stylists and fashion bloggers. And most often than not, they are more interested in personal style than in conceptual styling. From[…]

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A New Beauty Holy Grail: Photoderm Nude Touch

It’s a summer morning: Wake up. Cleanse your face. Apply your moisturizer. Apply your sunscreen. Apply your foundation, and go ahead with the rest of your makeup. Or did the layers just get too thick, and will probably be melting before lunch? You get the idea, wearing this much skincare[…]

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7 Tips to Upgrade an all Lace Outfit

Besides lace dresses, few are the times I find myself wearing an all lace outfit. It is probably the case for most ladies, before Instagram made small lace crop tops and knee length skirts pretty popular. I find lace very sexy, this is why styling lace outfits tends to be[…]

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How to Pick the Correct Pair of Heels

It’s been a while since I posted a tutorial on my blog. I’ve missed useful posts! I get a lot of questions about my heels, especially that I tend to pick 13cm+ heels all the time and actually can walk in them (on straight floor at least, they’re not made[…]

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Happy Mothers’ Day Though …

Let me start by saying that these mothers’ days and fathers’ days are not exactly my favorites. There’s something I do not exactly appreciate about the guilt trip I put myself on, on each of these occasions. Why? Because, simply, none of us feels what they’re doing for their parents[…]

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Dubai With Batiste

So I’ve been away for a while with a strict decision to do nothing but what matters, and attend nothing but what I believe to be interesting and value added. And then, one of my favorite brands “Batiste” invited me with a friend to “Dubai” to attend their new launch![…]

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How To Prep Up Your Fashion Sense

-Taking some inspiration from Olivia Palermo’s fashion sense-    Sun is up, but the weather is weird. Everyone is chilling. Style is the thing. Beirut is always on fire and you’re really really really bored with the same look you’ve been carrying along since senior year. It is a good time to[…]

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How to Save Time on Styling Yourself

So you have this one big event coming up and the last thing you want is to lose time on styling yourself or to get lost in your wardrobe mess at the very last minute as you are getting dressed. The latter, is just one example women face while working on[…]

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Dark Colors & Scorpios

There’s definitely something about dark colors & Scorpios. I am yet to meet one late October or November baby who’s not fond of wearing all black or all dark. They say, the nature of the Scorpio as a small black animal of the shadows, is what affects those born under[…]

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The Makeup Tips You Will Always Need

Ladies, I know we all read makeup tips everywhere, and are most likely going to watch them on Instagram as well. But the basics are always the same and what we need to know ultimately boils down to a set of a few tips that are essential and timeless.  […]

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Winds of Change … Again

Today, I went through my previous blog post “Winds of Change”, published back in 2014… And I realized that the winds of change are changing directions again… Last I imagined in my career as a freelance luxury consultant, former regional editor/director, and influencer/blogger; that the day will come where I[…]

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10 Tips To Help You Look Preppy

“Preppy” is an adjective characterizing a private clique of American high society that is noticeable for being ultra modern, urban chic and very elegant. In this article, I want to touch on how to become preppy. But before learning how to become preppy, it is worthy to ask: What is preppy?[…]

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Feel22: Feel the Beauty & Get a Discount Too!

I am giving all my readers and followers 10% automatic discounts on everything makeup, skincare, perfumes and beauty products purchased and delivered in Lebanon, including all brands! But first… The story: Arab beauty bloggers and Lebanese beauty bloggers are taking social media by storm. What we know for sure, is[…]

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The Last Year for Burgundy

They are saying it’s the last year for burgundy! And I do not like the news! Fashion sources and insiders including myself know very well that the span of life of each color is usually three seasons if it’s a classic and a popular color. Burgundy then, which started trending[…]

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How Black Can Respond to All Styling Needs

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve written about black and styling black pieces. It’s amazing how luxurious and versatile this color is. And not less amazing how handy it comes under different circumstances. My advice for every woman out there, is to have one high quality black piece[…]

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The New Definition Of Luxury

In most English dictionaries, “luxury” is defined as a life of great comfort and abundance. Coco Chanel defines it as the absence of vulgarity. And Lwren Scott defines it as a state of mind. Yet, the concept of “luxury” is a highly fluid concept. “Luxury” to some people can only[…]