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The Caudalie Resveratrol Range

Caudalie -Paris-, the skincare brand that has been growing at a rate of 100% in the Middle East for the last few years, finally released the much awaited Resveratrol [Lift] anti-aging range. And even though I am not exactly at the age where I am supposed to be regularly using[…]

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Hair Trends of Fall 2016

Hair trends of fall 2016 are all about easy to pull hairstyles! Apparently, the runway wants an easier transition to the streets this year, this is why it is adopting easier and more practical styles. Below in this display, you can watch the trending hairstyles of the coming season!! موضة[…]

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Makeup Trends of Fall 2016

Makeup trends of fall 2016 are centered around simple elements. This coming season, you are either naturally bare faced, or focusing on your liner or lips. The third option is glitter, if you love it!! Follow the list below to learn the latest makeup trend for fall 2016 صيحات المكياج[…]

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Trending Colors of Fall 2016

This year too, the trending colors are falling within the medium shades, no color is too fade nor too intense; it is the revival of the soft and classy. Below are the ten trending colors of fall 2016, I hope you find your favorite colors among them. هذا العام أيضاً،[…]

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Fashion Trends of Fall 2016

The fashion trends of fall 2016 aren’t all that different from the past two years. With a few additions in terms of colors and some extra elements, you will be able to keep your closet intact and enjoy some extra shopping. Below is a display of the full 22 trends[…]

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Summer Beauty Hacks for Your Hot Travels

Packing for travel is a girl’s serious summer nightmare! Most of the ladies I know, including myself, always end up with too much of what they will never need or that they can go without in their luggage! In a previous post, I talked about over-packing and provided tips to[…]

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How To Be Camera Ready All The Time

It is the age of pictures: We are spending considerable amounts of time, taking editing and uploading our pictures to different social media channels; and even more time checking out what others just uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and other channels, in real time. And the more one is involved in[…]

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Time Waisted

No it is not a typo, I did use the title “Time Waisted”, because I just realized that I tend to highlight my waist a lot, whatever is it that I am wearing. In effect, if you are an hourglass or a pear shape with a defined waist but overflowing “other[…]