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How To Be Camera Ready All The Time

It is the age of pictures: We are spending considerable amounts of time, taking editing and uploading our pictures to different social media channels; and even more time checking out what others just uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and other channels, in real time. And the more one is involved in[…]

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Time Waisted

No it is not a typo, I did use the title “Time Waisted”, because I just realized that I tend to highlight my waist a lot, whatever is it that I am wearing. In effect, if you are an hourglass or a pear shape with a defined waist but overflowing “other[…]

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Summer Body Peeling

In this article, I will teach you how to prepare and use an essential oils summer body peeling that’ll make your body’s skin literally glow all summer long.   I get too many questions about my skin, especially about my body’s skin that’s always super soft and glowing. The truth[…]

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Lebanese Fashion Designers On My Radar

When we talk about Lebanese fashion designers, the first two names that come into anyone’s mind are Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. For all the right reasons, the two creators of beauty are on the international radar of stars, socialites and luxury fashion media. But my personal radar of fashion,[…]

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Learn The Fashion Signature of Each International Design House

Every single international fashion design house has its own fashion signature; this fashion signature is often unique and distinguishable in terms of color, fabric, cut or innovation. The designs of a specific fashion house can be set apart from other brands through that distinctive fashion signature; and most often than not,[…]

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Seven Tips To Survive In A Girls’ World -1-

Girls’ world is competitive and cruel. For unknown reasons (at least to me), spaces and industries filled with women end up as dark pits for cheap rivalries, shallow competition, little jealousies and a lot of pettiness. I am not trying to discount the genuine ladies who do indeed focus on[…]

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7 Tips for a Flawless Makeup Every Time

We are being bombarded everyday by endless makeup tutorials on Instagram. Professional makeup artists with flawless makeup looks, are making it look super simple to come off as polished as they are. But the truth behind the 15 seconds videos, isn’t that simple. Here are 7 makeup tips that’ll help[…]

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Confidence Over Style

A lot of style, has to do with how style affects confidence. In effect, all it takes is for one to notice how much more confident they are when all styled up. Style then, is not a shallow concept, but one that actually transcends looks to affect attitude and human[…]

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A Tan With Benefits

Searching for the perfect bronzer was always one of my makeup missions; until I found “Hoola” by “Benefit Cosmetics”. I have been using it for about a year now, and I must say it’s unbeatable. The “Hoola” range by “Benefit Cosmetics” is not limited to the “Hoola” bronzer. This summer,[…]